worried sick any advice welcome

I have been bleeding irregularly since 14th may 2015 I persevered through fear but finally seeked professional help in February. I had a smear and swabs which were normal apart from high risk hpv…had a colposcopy yesterday and cell changes were found leading to two punch biopsy…I also had an ultrasound in February which showed “bulking of the cervix” im baffled as to why the smear was normal yet cell changes found yesterday…has anyone had a similar experience? My last smear was 2008 and I had a loop done…I never went back until this February 2016…

Hi Piper you have done the right thing joining the forum you will get lots of support here. Sometimes smears dont pick up changes because they are higher up the Cervix. Biopsy's offer a more reliable result for cell changes have you got a follow up appointment with doctors? I hope you get good news Piper I know it can be a really worrying time. keep in touch I will be thinking about you xx

They gave me an appointment with the gynaecologist on the 12th April at a hospital quite a way from me but the gp said she has a feeling that she will need to change that appointment when she gets the results of my biopsy..I don't know what that was supposed to mean =( I have severe bipolar and all this stress has caused a major breakdown resulting in me now being home treat under the crisis team. I don't know what is going on inside my body but I know I don't feel right, I am so tired all the time and feel nauseous, my eating is all over the place and I'm so emotional I put it all down to stress though. The cells have clearly changed thanks to the hpv and me leaving my smear for 8 years =( ...has anyone had similar things? Wil it be cancer?amkyou 

Thankyou for replying it means alot xx

Hi Piper I am so sorry to  hear about your situation to struggle with Bipolar then to be worrying about what lies ahead can be over whelming. Piper i am so glad you have come here there are other ladies experiencing the same and with all the support are doing so well. You did the right thing getting the crisis team involved at this stage to help with your emotional state be honest with them and tell them how it is that way they can put plans in place to support you also. Like you I have to travel out of county for treatment as they dont have a gynae Oncology unit local I dont mind travelling because its specialist care I have by wonderful staff. Piper I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer in December 2015 and am currently having Chemo/Radiotherapy I am on my second week and doing really well even though I have had a few set backs. I was in shock when i was told we all are you have probably read about all the worries and concerns we all have? Piper I can honestly say the stage your at is definately the worse part the not knowing it feels like a life time waiting.

Piper the emotions your going through are actually a normal part of the process we have low days and high days waiting for tests and results its a wonder we dont all end up bald. The 12th of April is not to far away it probably seems like next year to you we just want to know now but be reassured Cervical Cancer is progresses slow which is why they are confident to leave smears so long in between. My last smeaar was clear 4 years ago I was due one when I found out I had CC and I have been told mine is treatable. I found this site and when i read all the stories it made me feel so positive about my future other ladies shared their stories and tips for treatment it was amazing and they always take time to offer me support and encouragement i couldnt do it without them they are angels.

Stay in touch Piper we are all hear for you if your worried about anything and have questions just ask if we dont know the answers we will point you in the right direction. Talk about how you feel and write it down on here it really helps thinking about you and wishing you good news xx

Thankyou so much for replying I'm so sorry your having such a hard time and your right it's the not knowing that is driving me insane =( my husband lives in texas and I desperately want to go and be with him but I'm stuck here without him because of my health..the children and I miss him dearly but he can't come here to support us right now so I'm alone, your advice..you taking the time to reply means thr world to me, I'm worried that the fact that they found the cell changes despite the smear being normal means that there is cancer..I don't know if it's possible to have cc with the smear being clear apart from hpv..I know I was foolish not having a smear since the severe dyskarios in 08 but I was so scared..now I'm terrified..

What your going through must be so difficult and you are so strong tjat I feel foolish for moaning when I don't have my results especially when there are women that are fighting cc already..I'm now under the crisis team and I'm waiting for a psychiatrist coming today..I'm on the home treatment scheme for mental support, I really can't afford to let my mental health slip as I have the children..I guess I have to be patient and wait for the results of my biopsy..

Thankyou so much for your advice and telling me your story I really appreciate it..xx

Hi Piper your welcome  i am glad to help just like others helped me when i didnt know where to turn. It must be so difficult with your husband in Texas I hope you get this resolved soon and you can both be together. The home treatment teams can be really helpful let them support you with your Mental health thats what they do best. when i was younger I had several abnormal smears I had lazer treatment 3 times which got rid of the abnormal cells it was done under local anesthetic with no problems afterwards. Sometimes i had abnormal smears and didnt need any treatment it resolved itself. My daughter in law last year had cin2 and had  lletz but couldnt have followup because she was caught pregnant with twins lol after the births she had a followup and didnt need further treatment it was a really worrying time but my grandsons were born big healthy boys they are one on the 24th March.

I hope this will be helpful sometimes we worry ourselves sick and it all turns out ok in the end. Your not alone and if things get to much talk to your GP i find them really helpful and they are great for explaining your options. Dont beat yourself up for not having your smear for 8 years since I was diagnosed i have asked my friends & family if they are up to date about 2 of them were and the rest are all booked in i actually made the appointment for my niece because she kept putting it off lol I will be thinking about you lots of love xx

The psychiatrist came out yesterday and upped my medication and I'm under the crisis team for a little while longer..I now have a flare up of a bartholin cyst which I've had surgically removed twice already..also did anyone notice a funny smell..I smell it and I'm so paranoid I bathe upto 4 tines a day but when I ask everyone they say they can't snell anything..it's hard to describe but it is unpleasant =/ I am a very clean person and it embarrasses me..I don't know what it is but I wish it would go away =( 

Thankyou again for taking the time to reply to me xx

Hi Piper im so glad you got your meds sorted they are a priority at the minute so proud you are taking control back. You will find any Gynae problems their is a bit of a smell I told my Macmillan yesterday I smell like dirty Gertie lol Try not to bath as much because we need the good bacteria to help fight infections. If you feel you have to  just use clear water with no scented products as they have cheap and nasty chemicals in them and cause infections. What will they do with your Cyst did they give you antibiotics for it? xx

They said if it ever came back again they would remove the gland, I'm just taking sitz baths at the moment in the hope it relieves itself, if not I will need surgery again. It's over quickly and usually home the same day. I've noticed the smell before I got checked for any of this I feel like I'm going mad over it as no one else seems to notice it but me =/. Do you find the same thing? I just want to know if I have cancer or not..I feel scruffy all the time...being a woman sucks huh!