Worried!! should i be concerned ??

over a year ago now i had my regular pap smear done, all was normal. one month later i started experiencing heavy bleeding during sexual intercourse, strange vaginal discharge, I went to the doctor and she said she wasnt worried as i just had a pap and it was normal, after some pleading she decided to repeat the pap smear, I ended up being sent for a biopsy after Dysplasia was found. I was told i have mild Dysplasia and HPV. its not about 7months later and i have been nauseated for 2 solid months. I  wake up feeling like i have the flu every other day with headaches and just terrible weakness. The last 5 days i have been experiencing strange abdominal pain and low back pain that goes intomy pelvic and down my leg, I went to my emergency department about this and was told my lood work came back fine so it must be muscle pain. This is absolutely NOT muscle pain. I noticed also my lymph ndes in my jaw are swollen and sore. Is tjis something i should be concerned about, or are these new problems not likely related?  thank you 

Hi Miss Kenny,

I think you need to get yourself thoroughly checked out. It is not down to you to work out if all of these symptoms are related to one another, let the doctors decide that. Give the doctors the full list of symptoms and see what they come up with. It may not be gynaecological at all.

Hi Miss Kenny - the lower back/pelvis/down the leg pain sounds like sciatica, a common nerve pain. Its ridiculously painful and there's not much you can do about it. But I would definitely go to your GP, to discuss that and the other symptoms. Its not a good idea to try and diagnose yourself, you only end up thining the worst!