Worried Over Pain and Swelling

Hi Ladies,

I finished my treatment in Oct last year, followed by a Pet Scan in January which showed no evidence of cancer which is fantastic news , however I am constantly worrying that my cancer is returning.

I have a lot of pain and swelling on my pelvis, this is where my tumor is, My stomach has also become very bloated, I spoke to my oncologist about these concerns and he sent me for an MRI last week. He called me the following day to tell me nothing has changed since my last scan, reassuring as this news is, I am still so worried as the pain seems to be getting worse. It is getting me so down and I sometimes feel like I am going mad. Has anyone had similar experiences ? Would really appreciate some advice.

Thank you for taking the time to read this

Hi Anne

I constantly worry about a recurrence as well. People say it does get easier with time so I'm hoping that's true. 

I haven't had pain and swelling in my pelvis but I do have some bowel/bladder issues with occasional back pain which obviously worries me. 

Take comfort in your scan results as thats great news. Has your oncologist suggested what to do next? If not I would bring up your symptoms to your gp. Chances are it could be completely unrelated and they may be able to suggest what it is. 

You aren't alone in feeling this way so I hope in some way that makes you feel better.

Cara xxxx

Hi. I have found that since my treatment has finished I seem to bloat. I think it's down to a few things, after effects of treatment,  my diet and menopause. 

Take comfort in the fact that you've had a scam and nothing has showed up.

However, if your body feels different to you then talk to your gp

Hi Anne,


Where the tumour was, you have got rid of it, the proof is in the PET scan Results.

bloating may be due to the low fibre diet?

Yes, as far worries are concerned, it is early days, you have gone through so much and it is normal to worry. Talking abut it helps! It helped me!

I was just like you 5 years ago, 4 years ago, 3 years ago and so on But it does get better and those regular check ups, as much as we dread them, are quite good at puting our minds at rest for a little while Or until the next niggle creeps up. Talking to a psychologist can help and Macmillan can arrange this for you. We are all different but for those of us who have long term damage due to chemoradiation it takes a while to adjust to our new body And you will get to know what feels right and what doesn't feel right and your nurse specialist is only a phone call away if in doubt.

i had back pains, pelvic pains and all sorts of issues for the first 2 years and still get bowels and bladder urgencies...i even got the dreaded bits of blood on the dilator in the first year....but I am still here and got the all clear last year.

Look after yourself, if you feel like resting, rest, if you feel like enjoying a large glass of wine go for it. In due course, the good days will outnumber the dark days. Pa,per yourself if you can, but please, if you feel up to it, keep active. I remember feeling everything ache and pain in my body but as soon as I would start swimming or walking the pains would Disappear! The more active I am, the less pain I feel!. 

Stay strong,

big hugs,





Thank you so much for your comments ladies,  I will take all your advice on board. Where im at at the min is, although my treatment seems to have worked I still have a tumour on my Pelvis.  There is no cancer activity going on in it so I suppose you could say it is dead.  however this Mass is still causing problems, as to where it is, it is putting pressure on my arteries which has caused me to have several DVTS.  So with this my leg is quite swollen, which was how I first presented with my cancer ,  it was after this a mass was discovered on my pelvis, which after 3 biopsys and several scans turned out to be malignant. I was also pregnant when I was diagnosed but unfortunately my baby didnt survive the treatment. Something im still coming to terms with.

After my treatment finished I developed another cloth in my groin , this could be from treatment or from the mass still been present.

So docs are now considering surgery to remove the mass altogether but I dont think its as straight forward as id like it to  be.It may not be possible, So my doc told me to leave it with him and that hell be in  touch.

I try to keep as active as I can, as this not only relives my aches and pains it also great for my mind and keep me sain through all of this uncertainy.

Sending you love and hugs


Hi Naz,

Can you pleare tell me how to get in contact with Macmillan?

Thank You




0808 808 0000


open until 8pm.


also, there may be a Macmillan team at the hospital where you were treated,my our CNS would be able to advise.


Give them a call. i saw a psychologist after I had finished treatment And it is so good to talk and be listened to.


Stay strong and if you need any us we are only 1 click away.


big hugs,