Worried of having cervical cancer

Hi. I'm worried of having cervical cancer because of two things. The first is that I have been spotting on the pill since I started it, 10 months ago. Second, I bleed everytime I do a pap test. The first two times I did, last october and march, the doctor couldn't finish the test, the third time was this week with a diferent doctor and she said that I bleed because my cervix is sensible. I also did a transvaginal ultrasound and everything was normal.

Did this happen to anyone? I'm really scared and can't stop searching cervical cancer on the web?

Thank you

I very much doubt you have cervical cancer.

The pill can cause spotting and can cause bleeding.

I would suggest changing your contraception. I had the same with the pill. 


I’ve bled after / during every smear I’ve had (I’m 40 so had a few)

i also bleed during sex or after 


this is the reason why I was eventually referred to a gynae (8 years it’s been going on)

visit to gynae showed I had a cervical eptropian (which is basically a sensitive bit that bleeds on contact). It’s nothin to worry about just a variation of normal and easily treated.

ive since been diagnosed with cgin but that has nothing to do with the bleeding 

Thank you for your response Melissafaye91 and Aa1. I suffer from anxiety and I always think I have the worst disease associated with my symptoms. 

I'm trying no to search the web or think about this until the results arrive. I hope it's nothing.

Thank you again smile

Hi I have just had a smear test 2 days ago and told 6-8 week wait for results but I suffer with extreme anxiety and have literally made myself sick with worry about the results and it’s only been two days. It is already making me a bag of nerves and feel physically sick in dread getting the letter incase there is bad news in the letter. I don’t know how I will cope waiting ....