Worried now

I'm having a lot of pain in my right lowner back and side it won't go away doctors saynits nothing 

but it's do crippling I can't take it anymore anyone else have this? I had a tracheltomy 2 weeks ago and srill can't pee

propley either ... Been constapated for 5 days now too really feeling down

had enough of all this pain 

Hi Pab123, 


Sorry you are going through a rough time. Please try stay calm, I was exactly the same as you every ache and pain was worst case senario in my head. 


I had siatica after my Trach as I was use to being so active it was,n honestly, worse then the pain I felt after my operation I almost threw up in pain. Have someone masage the balls on your lower back and your leg it will help.


For months after my operation I had stomach pains and back pains i asked my nurse and she basically said that when you have a trach you tamper with nerves that lead to your bladder and bowel. This means that going to the toilet can sometimes be more paintful and it feels like a sharp pulling pain when moving etc. Anyway as your body is in pain it mans your position when you sit/lie is compromised giving you lower back pain! It makes so much sense when a nurse expains it to you like that. I also think that casue you haven't been to the loo in a very long time this may be making it worse. Get some laxatives down you and hopefully it'll make you feel better.


In regards to the weeing, when I came home I found it hard for about 2 weeks I would go and it would either dribble out or nothing at all. It is basically your bladder coming out of shock it will get better over time. It might be worth checking with the nurse though as I was not allowed out the hosiptal until I had wee'd a certain amount. 


I hope this eases some worries!



Hi Pab,

So sorry to hear you are going through this. Your body has just had a massive assault and it will take time to settle down, please try not to worry yourself too much. Amy is quite right, posture has a lot to do with it so if you can take yourself on gentle walks as often as possible the whole skeleton will sort itself out.

Be lucky :-)



Thanks both just so down at the moment, the wind pain after was horrid

and as soon as that went after a week of agony I got this horrible pain now!

im walking around and doing te stretches hot water bottle seema to ease it but when it's bad

omg it's bad cripples me it's horrendous!

get my results a week today so I will mention it again ... Feels like when your shoulder freezes

abd it's painfull to move it but in my right lower back so weird ... 

Hi Pab

I didn't have pain to this extent but I did have some thigh and hip pain similar to when you strain yourself.  You must remember that they had you up on a table legs askew for HOURS and if they had you in a slightly odd position for all that time this could cause great pain and discomfort.  From what I can gather, opertating tables are not the most comfortable of surfaces and we are not usually in one position for such a long time.

Hope you feel better soon xxx

Did you get your results back??

Yes I got them back and I'm deeling a lot better now at the 4 week mark :)

the pain seems like a bad dream now still sore in the belly and side but all good :D

i got the all clear!! lymphondes are clear just some more cancer in the tissue

they took out so it's all gone :) follow up now in 3 months