Worried newbie

Had smear on 4/4/14 and letter back said abnormal

cells - couldnt get through to drs before a letter from

hospital came through with colposcopy appt with no idea of severity of the abnormal cells or anything?!!

Had the colposcopy on Tuesday 15/5/14 and the consultant

still hasn't told me how severe the cells are, just performed a Lletz there and then and made an appt

to see me again in 4wks time to discuss results and any further treatment?! 

Has anyone else had this?!

Book in with your gp this week as they will be able to tell you, or call the colposcopy clinic and ask them to go through things with you xx

The colposcopy clinic won't be able to tell you what the abnormal cells are

it could be CIN1 but with HPV iv seen ladies post on here with abnormal cells but HPV

first call your GP and ask what the abnormal cells were or ask what level were they at Ie borderline mild etc