Worried, mum of two

Hi 2 weeks ago I received my smear results, it came back as high grade. What does this mean, everyone one else seems to be given these cin numbers. My colposcopy is this Friday, I can't stop thinking about it, it's basically making me feel unwell. As anyone else got these results, and what was the outcome. Thanks in advance

*high grade diskaryosis

High grade is CIN3 my smear showed high grade then a biopsy showed CIN3 they are both the same thing, 

when you go for a  colposcopy they can do a treatment called Lletz sounds worse then what it is I can't tell you how

it is under LA as I had mine under a general but there's a few posts on here where women have said it's not as bad as they first thought, 




Hey Charlene

First things, please try not to panic - you have done the right thing coming to this site. Some amazingly supportive women on here and it's the best place to go for the facts - please try to avoid Google!

I hope I can help in putting your mind a bit more at rest by giving you some info (from my understanding anyway, please anyone else feel free to correct me if I am wrong, not being a medically minded bod - although over the past year and a half I feel I have become something of an amateur expert in the subject of the cervix!):

At your smear, they are only able to establish how wide spread the changes to your cells are. These are categorised as mild, moderate and severe. Severe is when they suspect a larger area of the cervix is affected.

At the colposcopy, they will take a closer look (using a microscope which does not go inside you - honestly, I find it better than a smear) to establish what grade the changes are - basically, how deep the changed cells go. CIN3, for example, means that they are present on several layers. However, having severe dyskariosis does not necessarily mean the changes are all CIN3. They could be a mixture - so maybe a lot of CIN1/2 with a bit of CIN3. My understanding is that severe often does mean CIN3, given the spread of the area, but as I say, it doesn't mean that all cells will be at this stage.

The very important thing to remember is that CIN3 is NOT cancer. It's just pre-cancerous changes which can easily be treated. A huge amount of ladies on here have been diagnosed with CIN3, had the treatment and been absolutely fine.

I hope this helps. I'm with you on the sick with worry thing; I'm currently waiting on results from my follow up smear and feel physically sick on the journey home from work, scared that there will be a letter waiting for me! But at least your colposcopy is this Friday, so not too much waiting.

Keep posting on here, I have found it to be the best place to go - the women on here ALL understand what you are going through. The same can't always be said for partners, friends and family, sadly!


Take care xx

Also, Nicola is right - the LLETZ procedure is really not a big deal! There's lots of experiences shared here. My tretament was over in minutes, I couldn't quite believe how fast and painless it was! I've had much worse times having my bikini line waxed ;)

Thank you everyone, feels like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders, being able to talk to someon