Worried & Looking for advice

Hi there, i am new to this forum so apologies if i am repeating previous posts or am posting in the wrong place!! I am 28 years old & a mum of two. Over the past few years i have had repeated smear tests which always result in abnormal cell changes. I have had two colposcopy visits in the past year, one resulting in a biopsy. I find colposcopy very hard to deal with emotionally more than anything, and am so worried that my next smear will result in yet another colposcopy. I guess i just really wanted to know my options, can i refuse another colposcopy? It's not that i want to jeapordise my health in any way, i just wish there was a better option than to keep having this procedure repeated, i am sick & tired of having my cervix invaded by smirking doctors, im fed up :( frightened that my abnormal cells may turn to cancer, or already have & it's been overlooked, & to be honest research has made it harder, i mean how reliable is a colposcopy?? After reading that they apply iodine & determine whether the cells have changed enough (sorry not very medical in terms!!) I just want a more reliable procedure to tell me everything in fine. I have found the whole experience has just left me worrying, with no proper explanations. I always want to be here for my childresn, i am scared & worried that i am just sitting back & waiting for something to happen in order to get treated, surely with the amount of smears & colposcopies it is evidant that something is wrong however slight it may be! Could my cells not be multiplying as i sit here & in 6 months time could i have full blown cervical cancer & be facing the fact that i may die as a result? Or am i going too far & being extremely paranoid?! I have been to the doctor twice with my concerns & all is said is that i need not worry, easy words to pass to a scared mum of two young children. Sorry if i have come across as a paranoid mess. I guess i am at the mo :cry: Would love to hear from someone in the same boat...or anyone for that matter! Thanks for taking time to read x x

Hi Bluebelle,

Sorry I am unable to help you as I have not been through what has happened to you but hopefully somone else can reassure you and you can get the answers you need. I also have children and know how upsetting and alone you can feel when u dont know exactly what is going on but I’m sure the medical professionals are doing all they can to ensure you are being treated in the best possible way.

Abnoramal cells in most cases resolve themselves and hopefully this will be the case for you but it may take time and having the tests carried out (although unpleasant) to ensure things are not progressing is an important part of ensuring this is the case.

Im sorry I can’t help you but hopefully someone else will come along who is able to.

Stay positive and I would consider making an appointment to discuss your concerns with your doctor.

Lou :slight_smile:

Hi Bluebell,

Like Lou I can’t relate directly to your situation or offer any hard and fast advice but I may be able to tell you something that cheers you up a bit. Before my colposcopy my mum came up for the day to stop me dwelling on everything and she told me my aunty said to call her if I was really worried.

Basically, my aunty had my cousin 16 years ago when she was 28 and it was a bit of a traumatic birth (she was rushed for an emergency caesarian but by the time they got her there it was too late so she had to have him naturally resulting in quite a bit of trauma to the cervix, pelvis and other things and resulting in her having to have 6 pints of blood). Her first smear after giving birth was abnormal so she was sent for a colposcopy where they could only see just that - abnormal changes. Since then she’s been for a colposcopy/smear at the clinic every 6 months as they always result in abnormal changes. Occasionally she has biopsies to check nothing has developed further but, unlike myself, she’s never had a LEETZ or any further treatment and her cells have never got worse. She asked the nurse one day why this was and she simply replied that it was just ‘one of those things’ and may have been caused by the birth.

I know that won’t help with your question about a better procedure than colposcopy etc but it might put your mind at rest a bit. x x x

Thank you for your replies! I guess i feel a little silly now after reading other posts on this forum! I feel really lucky that there was nothing serious discovered & that I don’t really need to panick as much as i am!! I am glad i found this site though even if it was to have my little rant! I guess i am panicking over nothing, i feel like this from time to time & then the feeling passes & i get on with life without the worry!

Thanks again for taking time to reply :slight_smile: x x