worried looking for advice after colposcopy

Hi all due to an abnormal smear result i was refered for a colposcopy i had a biopsy done aswell and am still awaitng my results. I was told to wait 1 week before having sex etc which i did. However i am experiencing pain and bleedingduring/after is this normal? I am worried and am going to.make an appointment with my gp on monday but would like to hear from someone who has had similar experience? I also have had all the symptoms of cervical cancer but did not think anything of it until now, i am really worried. 

Hi Natalie, 

I'm sorry you're worried, I can understand that. Most likely your cervix has got knocked during sex. A week isn't long since the biopsy, the cervix has to heal. My hopsital recommends waiting longer than that before sex (but of course you can only go by what you're been told).

It's good you're going to the GP on Monday but of course if you're worried about the pain or bleeding in the mean time you can always ring 111. 

Hope you're doing ok, take care x