Worried llletz patient

Hi there, brand new to this forum, just joined tonight, I really don't want to scare anyone but I'm so anxious and panicky that every time I think about it, I cry, I had lletz done under general in the 20th June, everything seemed fine until Friday 31st, I started bleeding, and I mean bleeding, so bad that I was taken to a+e straight away, once there I was given an adult sized nappy to wear because it was the only thing capable of holding a lot of liquid, I was transferred to the gynae ward and the doctor there removed over 600mls of blood and clots from inside me, I was given tranexamic acid to stop the bleeding and some anti biotics, they also cleaned me out and gave me some silver nitrate, I've not bled since but I'm so nervous and panicky that once I stop these tablets it's going to happen again :-( i just want to cry, now I'm feeling some weird cramps that don't feel like period cramps, any help or advice is appreciated

Big hugs Hun, that must have been a rough and scary time for you.  I had those tablets and they didn't stop me bleeding at all and friends have said the same so they have probably sorted the problem (especially the silver nitrate) and tablets aren't actually doing anything.  Google EFT it's good to relieve aniexty, a few anxious ladies on here have mentioned it has really helped them. lots of love xxx