Worried irregular periods after Lletz


so I'm back again! I wonder if anyone can shed any light or maybe even experienced the same! I had Lletz back in feb ... And since then my last 2 months periods have been late last month I was a week late ... I usually have 34 day cycles, I thought it may have been a one off but this month I'm already 2 days late :( has anyone noticed any changes to their periods since treatment and is it normal for it to mess up your cycle! I'm more worried because I was looking to start a family and have read that if period goes over 34 day cycle you may not be ovulating .. However I briefly remember the nurse saying the treatment can mess up periods and should be more worried if periods completely stop .. 



hi there


the same happened to me, it all went out of sync for about a year.  i've been checked and scanned and everything is 'normal'.  I think it can be stress and worry messing with hormone levels.  if it persists do speak to your GP but I reckon things will settle.