Worried i may have cervical cancer

Hi all,  i have just booked in a smear test for next week as i am about 5 years overdue.  I have been having a few problems with extremely painful periods and a bit of discharge usually starting about a week before my period.  Also for past 2 weeks i have had low back pain and a pain in my right groin area thats a bit like a constant period pain. Sometimes but not constant i feel like the pain is going across to other side.  My period is not any heavier just more painful and no irregulat bleeding or spotting or anything.  I realise that the only way to know for sure is to have the smear, which i am dreading but has anybody else had these symptoms with no irregular bleeding? Could this be cancer?  Worried sick Money Mouth


Hi just wondering if u went for ur smear? I think u should it's not that sore, i didnt have one in 7 years I always have a bit of a discharge and taught nothing of it, I'd to take the coil out and another put in so I asked the nurse to do a smear too and the results came back hpv and abnormal cells got referred to do a colopscopy and biopsys taking 3 weeks later got a letter to be in the following week that the results were cin111 and had the lletz this Tuesday just gone waiting on the results wish I did the smear years ago and it would never of reached cin111, so please make an appointment don't take a chance like I did best of luck keep me posted how u get on Mandy xx

Hey there,

When I was in high school, I got ovarian cysts every now and then, and what you're describing feels a lot like what I experienced with those. I would describe it as pain right where my hip bone curved inwards. Your pain could possibly be due to something like that.

I would defintely get the pap still, as you're overdue, but possibly ask for an ultrasound as well, as that would find any cysts.

Let us know how it goes.