Worried I am having signs of reccurence

Hi all,

I finished treatment in October and was told I’m in remission in January, I am due for the next lots of scans in March but haven’t had appointments yet.
I’ve been having lots of little pains in the cancer area, a little in my lower back and although it had completely cleared up I’m having discharge again.
I started back at the gym last week and really pushed myself on Monday, could all this be down to me ‘stirring up’ the area?
Any advice/experience greatly appreciated.
Sam xx

Hi SamG

I had 3 memorable scares during my first 3-4 years post treatment, in my case all episodes of bleeding. Luckily they were all false alarms but very triggering at the time and I called my CNS for advice on several occasions.

I wouldn’t be surprised if overdoing it at the gym has put something out of balance, but better safe than sorry so I suggest calling your CNS who will be able to fast track you for a check up if required.



Hi Sam,

As Jazza mentioned above give a call to your CNS to put your mind at ease. It probably is nothing. How are you going on with the dilators? Do you have any bleeding?

I think it is natural to feel quite sour down there. I remember I started feeling almost normal after 9 months post treatment so it takes time…



These weeks and months after treatment really are a rollercoaster.

I am 18 months post treatment and have had 2 PET scans. I went into those scans with lower back pain, twinges around my pelvis and little pains. Both scans came back all clear.

Your body has been through such a lot so there will be more aches and pains than normal.
Try and stay strong. I know it’s hard.


Yes I have the same feelings. Aster two years of surgery Ione day I feel pain and discharge. Watering discharge. Same symptoms. And more pain. After several months I received my scan it’s ok. Don’t worry. Just tell your doctor .