Worried! HPV 3+ years. High grade change

I have now had 3 years worth of smear tests showing HPV + and not been able to fight it off so I was referred for a colposcopy.
Now I have received a letter saying there were “HPV related changes only” and that these are high grade and low grade.
What does this mean? I am waiting for a further letter once they decide what to do but I am sick with sorry as I don’t understand what these results could mean. It also says that there is conflicting result on my smear, colposcopy and biopsy tests.

If the changes are high grade doesn’t that mean it should be urgent? It just says I could wait up to 4 weeks.
Thank you to anyone who can explain!

Hi @Kt87

It appears that the HPV has caused some cell changes, low grade generally translates into CIN1 and high grade is usually CIN3, it does say they have found HPV changes only indicating that they dont suspect CC at this stage

4 weeks does seem like forever to us but in terms of cell changes it shouldnt make a difference, i had a biopsy in january that revealed CIN3 but didnt have treatment untill march and the 8 week wait didnt make a difference the LLETZ still came back as CIN3 … the 4 weeks will be because they want to discuss it at an MDT meeting before proceeding it is still classed a urgent they just want more than one person to make a decision on the next steps… they will want to know why your smear didnt indicate any cell changes, what was seen at the colposcopy and why the biopsy has showed what it has they can determine if any mistakes were made or if anything was misreported

mine went to an MDT for something similar, i had a low grade smear colposcopy suspected CIN2 but a biopsy showed CIN3 so before my treatment it went to an MDT meeting to discuss the discepencies… right now theres nothing to suggest you should panic, be cautious but not worried :slight_smile: xx