I'm after some help


I had my first ever smear on the 30th of July (8 weeks after having my third baby) I got the results back 2 weeks later saying I had abnormal cells and had  a colposcopy appointment on the 20th of august...I had biopsys taken and the lady said results take about 4-6 weeks to come back.... well it's now the 4th of Sept and today I got an appointment come through to see a consultant in a week so my questions are

Isit a good or bad sign I've got this appointment come though so quick? Is it to over my results? Do you get results in the post? It says on the letter consultants name with colposcopy and gynaecology buy in don't understand if I'm just seeing a consultant or I've gotta go through having another colposcopy??

Thanks ladies!

Feel like 5he n3xt week is now going to drag I hate the unknown! 



There are a number of reasons why you can get called in to discuss results - not all mean the dreaded C Word! Sometimes they don't have clear margins from the cells they have taken so repeat the procedure.

Its human nature to let your mind run away with you and you automatically think the worst. Its not always the case however and if you read some of the posts on this forum, you will see that. Please don't google as that will always give you worst case scenario. Please feel free to post any worries or questions here as there are lots of women in the same boat and lots of positive outcomes.

Try and stay busy for the next week - with 3 children, it sounds like you already are! :-)

Lots of love and positivity to you x


Hi! i'm pretty much going through the same! I only found out yesterday I had an appointment for Friday but they cancelled it and brought it forward to this Monday!!! So i'm worrying like hell as to why, and why it's been brought forward! all I was told on the phone was it was to discuss my results and that i'd need further treatment!! )= So you might pretty much be the same )= Not to worry you, though because you might not need further treatment, i only got told this about me... but as you're in the same boat i thought i might let you know in case. But it is worrying )= i got told not to worry though, it's easier said than done though, hey? )= 
Good luck, anyway! If I remember, when I go on Monday I'll try let you know what's happened with me to give you a little idea of what could be the case xx

They'll likely just want to discuss your results. You might find your gp can give you an idea over the phone as to what to expect if they have your results. That's what I did and it was much easier. Let us know how you get on and try and keep busy between now and then xxx

Thank you so much ladies!!!!

Definitely been kept busy with the kids...all 3 under 5 ☺☺

I've just rang doctors and lady just said it's a follow up...Which I clearly gathered on my own haha!

I I'll just wait and see what Friday brings 

I will post on Friday with the outcome! 


Hope everything was okay xx