Worried ... Follow Up

Hi Everyone


So i have just booked for my 6month check up after having high grade and lletz to remove, truth is im absolutley panicking i know i cant change what will be but feel all them nerves and worry slowly coming back, i go for my smear next friday so im guessing its going to be a long 3 weekish by time i receive results too.


Has anyone had lletz for high grade then gone back for followup to find still abnormal cells?


Any replies will be greatly appreciated


Thanks xx

Hi Louise86

Yesterday I went for my 6 month check and now have to wait for the results to be emailed to me which could take up to 10 days.

I do understand how you are feeling and yes the anxiety will be building up for you and all I can say is yesterday I felt dreadful and my appointment wasn't until 5:45.

My doctor did say though that less than 6% of 6 monthly checks come back abnormal and even then it could probably be nothing to be really concerned about.


Fingers crossed for you


Danielle x

Hi Louise,

I know exactly how you feel.

My smear result was high grade it was my first smear and i had Lletz to remove the cells. I've got my 6 month follow up smear tomorrow and im terrified that it's going to come back abnormal again.

When is your smear test booked in for? Xx

Hi Both


Thanks so much for you both replying, i was in a state when i got my results the first time had to go 2 doctors for diazapem to calm me, i know we are in the system now and its better knowing than not i just pray its good news for us all, it affects you so much doesnt it.


Danielle i will have my fingers crossed for you, let me know how you get on! Thats a small figure isnt it, need to keep that at the front of my mind.


Simone I feel for you, i booked it today for next Friday so its going to be on my mind until then, it takes over your life doesnt it ... keep im touch and let me know how you get on also



yeah if does take over your life, it's all i think about at the minute.

 My appointment is at 9am tomorrow so at least its early in the day and i wont have to worry all day about it. Hopefully the results wont take too long. Good luck with yours i'll let you know how i get on. xx

Good luck will be thinking about you! Yes please do... Thanks xx

Hi Louise hope your ok,

Just thought i'd let you know i had my smear test yesterday. It all went fine just a normal smear was in and out in under 10 minutes and i had a nice afternoon shopping afterwards. Just got the horrible wait now for the dreaded results letter now but the nurse said i should have them within 2 weeks.

Hope your ok and good luck on friday with your smear. Xx 

Hi Louise86,

I to also got put on beta blockers after receiveing my letter and after my Lletz treatment I was put on anti-depressents as I developed a sever health anxiety and convinced myself I had bowel, ovarian and breast cancer.  I have been having CBT therapy as weel which has really helped.

I am hoping that the results of smear come back negative and this will also put a stop to the anxiety as well as this is where it all started.


Simone22 - good luck for your results too.




D x

I was the same! it was such a shock when i recieved the abnormal smear result i have also developed a bit of a health anxiety. Every ache or pain i have had since i convince myself it is something serious.

It is a lot to deal with espeacially as we are so young. I dont know about you but this was my first smear im 25.

Hopefully we wont have to go through it all again. Good luck with your results let us know when you get them. Xxx

Thanks Simone - glad I am not alone!! 

I am nearly 32 so this was my 4th smear test all results coming back as normal before.  I also had an extra one as part of a well woman check my work put me through and all have been normal.  I did wonder as this was my 1st smear after having my little girl if this could have caused the changes but can't see anything to back this up.

One thing I have learnt is not to be afraid to talk about it as through talking about it you will find that really this is all quite common - i regulary heard oh i kow so and so had that or oh I had that years ago from people.



D x

Yeah it is more common than i realised and it defintley helps to talk about it. It has been a stressful few months it has constantly been on my mind as im sure it has been with you.

 Im really hoping that i can move on and stop worrying about it after i get the results. Only 6% of follow up smears after treatment come back abnormal i keeping that in mind! Xxx




Hello Girls


Sorry for late reply been hectic at work, so gald it went ok for you just back to the dreaded 2 week wait, mine is next Friday this time next week i will have had it, already starting to panic i cant go through the stress again :(


A quick question if you dont mind me asking you both, have your periods been normal after the procedure? Mine have been a few days later each month and for not as long so im panicing thinging something could be wrong? Hope you dont mind me asking xx

Lots of luck to you both that you get all clear results, please keep in touch as we can help each other xxx

Hi Louise,

Dont worry Friday will be here before you know it and it will be over and done with.

I noticed that my periods were actually heavier after Lletz especially the first 2. My first period after Lletz was very painful and heavy but they do seem to be pretty much back to normal now.

I do know that one of the side effects of Lletz is that your cervix can close up tighter than before which makes your periods lighter and shorter the colposcopy nurse told me that after my treatment. Xxx

Hi Simone


Thanks for reply, i Know i need to try put it to the back of my mind, i have read that also elsewhere but makes me really worried as i have no children yet and once i got the all clear we wanted to start for a family :(, i guess the main thing is i am actually having periods... right??


The first 2 after lletz where extremly heavy but the last 2 months havent been and have only bled for like 4 days as oppose to 6? Just gonna send myself into a panic again xxx

Hiya Hun,

I don’t think you’ve got anything to worry about. The fact your having periods at all means your cervix hasn’t closed up. Especially as you we’re having heavy periods after your Lletz that means it definitely can’t have closed up, if it had then you wouldnt be getting periods at all because the blood wouldn’t be able to pass through.

I think your periods will go back to normal soon you just have to give your body time to get back to normal although to be honest they sound pretty normal to me my periods only ever last 4-5 days but I suppose everyone’s different.

I completely understand your worry though, after having something like this happens the small things that we probably wouldn’t have thought twice about before really start to play on your mind and you think allsorts. Xxx

Hi Simone


Thanks for your reply, i know your right and yes when something like this happens every little ache goes notices whereas it wouldnt before, In a way i cant wait to get friday over and done with and hopefully get good news, but on the other hand im scared stiff! ill be dreading receivng the letter.


You will have to keep me posted on how you get on, its good to speak to people who are going through the same thing xxx

Hi Louise,

I feel exactly the same as you.

 I was glad to have the smear done and out of the way on Thursday but now i am absolutely dreading getting the letter incase it is bad news.

It does really help talking to someone whos going through the same thing so keep in touch and let me know how your smear goes. I'll let you know when i get my results Xxx

Hi Louise, Hope your ok and not worrying to much!

I just wanted to wish you luck for your smear tomorrow.

I know what the feeling is like but dont worry the smear is the easy part its waiitng for the results that's the hard part.

But just think this time in 2 weeks you should have had your results.

It'll be over before you know it and then you can join me in the waitng game. What time is your appointment? Xxx 

Hi Ladies,

Sorry i haven't been on for a few days.  I got my results yesterday by email and my smear test was negative so I now just need to go yearly for 9 years.

Please let me know how you both get on.


Thats great news! So happy for you, you can now move on and and put all this behind you Xxx