worried day surgery next wee

Hi first time posting...I had my first ever abnormal smear in March went to colposcopy in April 2biopsies done they came back clear attended colposcopy last week for follow up to be told by consultant he could see abnormality was quite large not to worry...told him I had random bleed on 12 Aug wiv greenish discharge he asked my age why I'm on hrt and I'm now going into day surgery next Fri he will take out my coil scrape lining of womb deal with the abnormality and insert another Marina coil...worried although my gp thinks it's erosion consultant saw at app on Thursday don't know what to think any advice would be appreciated thank you 

Hi ladies looking fir some advice. Had lettz treatment done and scrape done and new Marian coil fitted 2 wks ago yesterday. Had  been bleeding then smelly discharge Dr gave me a wks antibiotic and did a swab. Test came back confirming infection wad given s further 5 days antibiotic..still been having discharge but tonight I've had fresh blood bleed and lower back pain should I be concerned has any one else have this happen any help would be appreciated thanks.