Worried. Cysts on both ovaries

Hi I'm 21 years old for the past few months I've been having irregular periods and bloating I was sent for blood tests which can back clear, I was then sent for an ultra sound yesterday and was told I had number of cysts on both ovaries. The doctor said it looked like I had polysistic ovaries and would be sent for another scan to fully dertemrmined I this is the case. Today I received a call off my Doctors receptionist asking to ring on Wednesday to make an appointment as my doctor wants to see me. Is this routine or should I be worried I am very scared and don't know what to think. Can anyone give me any reassurance that this is juat routine or is this unusual for the doctor to ring back so soon? Thank you in advance

Hi Lauren I never seen your post until now ... Sorry to see you got no reply. I just wanted to see how you got on? Hope it all went well with at your doctors appointment.