Worried.. CIN III last year now have genital warts.

Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place, but wasnt sure where to post it.  Last year I had a conization for CIN III, clear smear results after.  Yesterday when I went for next smear appointment my gyno told me that I had many warts around the vulva area that need to be removed under general.  Could this be linked with the CIN at all?  I am really worried :(




Hi, as far as I'm aware the types of HPV that cause warts are different from the types that can cause cancer. Perhaps if you're concerned your GP could explain slightly better, but I think it would be a different strain of HPV that has caused your warts to that which caused your CIN3.


I agree with Preen - it seems that the warts you can actually see are caused by a strain which isn't really dangerous. But, like she said, have a chat with the doc about it.

Big Hugs

Thanks to you both! I hate the worry of it all :(  


The warts are a different thing I believe and don't cause cancer just warts like you get elsewhere but can be removed.  Agree the whole thing is a worry.  I have CIN1 and its been a horrible last 3 months.  No one to really talk to.  Not the thing you talk about to people.  Some think you sleep around when you have an sti and to be honest if someone does then thats their choice and shouldn't be judged.  It doesn't make then bad in anyway.  Glad you got CIN3 sorted that has given me hope when I have the treatment.  Being single it is going to be hard.  I have lived with herpes for 25 years, married for a great part of that but now single.  I wasn't expecting this.  I always get checked out at the GUM clinic this was a complete shock.  I felt it should have been explained at the original smear, she didn't mention it but I thought I'm ok been checked regular.  Good luck :)