Worried - awaiting surgery

Hi Everyone, 

I'm 42 and was diagnosed with c.c 2 weeks ago. They believe it to be 1b but they are having trouble sizing it as the biopsy wasn't clear apparently. 

MRI and CT scan earlier this week and I've been told there is indication of vascular invasion of the lymph vessels. I have high grade cells which I understand to be aggressive and prone to spreading. I apparently missed a smear just after I got married (not intentional and didn't realise) so last clear smear was 2011. I'm still surprised how quickly c.c has developed. Everywhere I read says it takes 10 years to develop. The only symptom I had was a tiny amount of spotting 7 days before my period. I thought it was hormonal due to coming off the pill after I got married. 

I'm booked in for a radical hysterectomy in 4 weeks time which seems a lifetime away. Radiotherapy is likely to follow but my consultant needs to await the results of the hysterectomy.

Really concerned the vascular invasion will progress onto the lymph nodes if it hasn't already! I've been advised that whilst the scans don't currently show spread it doesn't mean it hasn't already and they just can't see it yet. 

So worried! I suffer from anxiety and I'm a mess. Anyone else have vascular invasion which didn't progress into the nodes??

Thank you x


I haven't, but just wanted to be a comforting voice to you As you've not had any replies yet.

theyll take your lymph nodes out as well during the surgery (I presume as they did mine) and they'll test every single one. Even if it's in the lymph, your scans have shown it's not elsewhere, it will probably mean they'll blast you a bit more with rad/chemo, I guess. Just hold on to that early stage diagnosis, its a good place to be (after a rather hideous cancer diagnosis!).

i hope some of the other girls who have had a similar experience reply so you can get some better advice. 

Hey there's ! The diagnosis is the worst part. All I heard was death when I was told cervical cancer. im 33 years old and my babybis 8 months old. However once you get the treatment plan and meet your oncologist they are good at reassuring you. 

i just got a radical hystercyomy with 2 lymph noides  removed to test to make sure it hadn't gone  them. Staged at 1b surgeon seems sure that im cancer free awaiting pathology results :) 


I hope I can provide you with some assurance...

I was diagnosed stage 1 in October. I had a hysterectomy in November with 18 lymph nodes removed. At my follow up in December I had clear margins, all nodes were clear however they did find LVSI (lymphatic invasion). 

LVSI is basically abnormal cells in the tubes to your lymph nodes, which means is it starting/trying to spread but hasn’t and these abnormal cells are not cancerous...hence my 18 nodes being clear! 

Due to the findings they gave me the option to follow up with chemorads or not, was totally my choice! I went for it as it reduced my chances of reoccurance. 

You sound like you’re going down the same route as me so feel free to ask any questions. I am currently just starting week 3 of 5 chemorads and it’s totally doable! My treatment was slightly delayed as I am 32 and have no children yet so luckily squeezed in some IVF between surgery and chemrads and froze some embryos for possible future surrogacy :-)

I know it’s easier said than done but try not to worry. I’ve had down days but my positive days have absolutely what’s got me through, it really does help to keep a healthy mind for a healthy body! And the more positive days I have, the easier it gets! Be Lucky ☺️