Worried - any advice?


I'm new to this site and came across it while searching for information on CC. I haven't been diagnosed with it and don't know if I have it. 

I went to my GP just before Christmas to find out why I've been bleeding during intercourse. I've been bleeding during intercourse for around 9 months and put it down to peri-menopause - I'm 46.  My GP carried out an internal examination and said there's a lesion on the vaginal wall and didn't think it was anything to worry about but she wasn't exactly sure why that was showing. In May 2017, I had a blood test to see if I was going through the menopause and results were negative. As my results didn't indicate menopause, my GP decided to referr me to Gynaecology at the hospital under the 2 week referral system.

I had my appt with the gynae consultant this morning and she carried out an internal and took 3 biopsies: vaginal wall, cervix and womb. I was totally unprepared for the biopsies and nothing much was explained to me. I also had a blood test and awaiting an appt for an MRI scan. My last cervical smear test was 2 years ago and normal.

The gynae said the lesion isn't just on the vaginal wall and the cervix doesn't look right. She said things aren't looking good and I may need further biopsies under general anaesthetic if my results don't show anything clear. I asked her if she knew what it could be and if it was cancer. She said she doesn't think it's cancer but it could be. My maternal aunt died of cervical cancer at the age of 32. I've heard you can't inherit CC but I'm worried.

Have any of you experienced anything similar? Should I be worried? 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you