Worried and confused (children mentioned)


im new here and I'm looking for some reassurance or some positive thought to help me. A little bit about me, I'm 27, I have a 2 year old daughter and recently my partner and I decided to have another baby (my second and his 1st). I thought I would go to the drs and just check all is ok before we try in September. I was expecting to go in and come out fine but that's not really how it went. Sometimes when my partner and I are intimitr, I end up with a bloody discharge for a day. It's happened the last 3-4 weeks I reckon with the Last time not having any spotting at all. so the Dr had a look and took some swabs of my cervix and asked if I was itchy or not (I'm always itchy, I suffer with thrush all the time and I have really sensitive skin) so I said nothing out of the ordinary (although I am itchy at the minute but there's no signs of a bout of thrush yet) and she said my cervix didn't look right and that she's going to refer me to a colposcopy. She said it so casually that I didn't think anything bad of it and had no idea what one was. 

i I did the worse thing and googled what one was and now I'm so worried. Ever since my daughter was born I have suffered with bouts of thrush near enough every week and vaginal dryness everyday. Sex is impossible without lubricant. I had a smear test in 2013 and all was fine With my next due next year.

i just wondered if anyone else had experienced this and what happened? I don't know if I'm an urgent referral or I'm just gonna have to wait forever to get an appointment at the Hospital. I'm a worry worm and I can't cope with waiting forever for an appointment. It's so sad to think that my baby plan could go out the window. 



Hey, don't worry right now please, it'll just cause you stress and that's never helpful for you. 

You can call your GP surgery and ask to speak to the referring secretary. She/he'll be able to check your record for the referral and let you know how quickly you should expect to be seen. As for the contact details of the clinic you've been referred to then call them and ask how quickly you can expect to be seen. This should give you a timeframe and help you relax a little. 

STOP googling. It's just the worst thing you can do. 

I didn't have any children before my investigations so i can't advise there, but please trust me when i say it's best to get the information you need from reliable source ie the medical people who are actually looking up your vagina! 



I think some women can get a cervical erosion w causes similar symptoms. Hope your colposcopy comes around soon and you don't have to wait long.