Worried again

Hello lovely ladies,


I wondered if anyone can shed any light on this... 

6 months ago I had a colposcopy after a routine smear of which they took one biopsy and the doctor didn't see anything that worried her and she was right at it came back as cin 1 so I needed to go back in 1 year, which was a relief! 

However last week I had sex for the first time since my biopsy and I bled, which has now made my anxiety levels go through the roof again! I have had no pain however he is very well endowed (sorry tmi!) so I wondered if that is anything to do with it? 

Basically I am worried that my cin 1 has progressed very quickly and something bad is going on :-s 

Any advice would be hugely appreciated! 

Lots of love 


Hi, I'd go back to the doctors and tell them, at least then you can get checked and have some reassurances xx