Worried again...

Hey everyone,

I'm still waiting for my treatment plan appointment thats at the beginning of July. I went away on a short 4 day vacation last week. I just returned and was feeling kind of unwell, crampy and bloated, I just put this down to being on a plane and going to another environment etc.

Anyway, I'm still feeling down and have noticed pain in my neck and swollen nodes, but no other symptoms of sickness like a cold or anything like that. Now last night and this morning I have had pretty bad cramping and sharp pains and I've started to randomly pass clots of blackish blood mixed with discharge (TMI). I've never had this before, and am not on my period (I'm on the pill so it comes like clockwork). The discharge is similar to the one you get after the colposcopy but I haven't had any treatment in months.

Any advice on this? Should I be going to an urgent care?

I would get it checked out. Given all you are currently dealing with nobody is going to mind seeing you. X

Hi serhunt,

I'm grateful to hear you had a getaway for a few days. Self care is so important!

I suggest going in and getting checked out. It's always better to be safe then sorry ❤

Hi serhunt

boundie and tigger are  right go and get checked out , I'm sorry to hear your news let us know how you get on and hope you feeling better soon x

Hello again,

I just came back from my follow up appointment at the hospital. They did another exam in the colposcopy room with the microscope. For some reason she took 3 more biopsies, last time she only took 1 (thats when i got the in situ diagnosis). 

The fact that she took 3 more, at 12 8 and 6 o'clock worries me that it has spread to a larger area. She booked me in for a cone surgery in September (which again feels like quite the wait). She also said she was ordering an "urgent" internal ultrasound?? She didn't explain to me why this was and again I went alone to the appointment and always forget to ask questions when I am nervous. 

Does anyone know why she would order this internal ultrasound?

Sorry for the ramble, I should really bring someone with me to the appointment next time.