Worried after smear

Hi ,

I am new to the forum.

Had the worst day yesterday. After having a lot of the symptoms I was given a emergency appointment at the GP for a pelvic exam .

GP performed my smear as it was due and it was so uncomfortable from previous smears. I bled a lot. After cleaning myself up the GP told me my cervix looks very unhealthy and I need an urgent referral to a specialist. She could see a lesion on my cervix.

I was in so much shock and so anxious. 

I'm not sure what to expect next. Any advice would be much appreciated! 


I'm 32 with no kids yet and I'm worried


Thanks ladies







So sorry to hear you are in this scarey situation.  Do you you know where you are being referred to - I would have thought it will either be to a colposcopy clinic or a gynaecologist.  When I went to my GP with heavy abnormal bleeding I was referred to a gynaecologist - in my case there was little point in referring me to colposcopy because I was unable to tolerate a speculum.  The gynae asked me if my bleeding felt like a period in order to establish that my bleeding was actually vaginal; he did try to do a smear but like everyone one else was unable to get a speculum in.  At this point it was thought I had fibroids so I was referred for a  hysteroscopy (under GA) during which it was observed that I had abnormalities on my cervix -   biopsies were taken which were sent to the lab whereupon a  diagnosis of cancer was confirmed.  So I think the next stage for you must be for a specialist to look at your cervix; I think it's highly likely you will have some some biopsies taken whether or not cancer is supected - there is another condition which presents as an erosion on the cervix i.e. ectropion.  As you have been referred urgently you should be seen within 2 weeks.

Hope all goes as well as possible for you - there's always support on this forum whenever you want.