Worried after smear test awaiting results

Hi Folks,

firstly I apologise if this seems petty given the seriousness of some ladies situations.  I have never before joined a forum but since my smear test on Wedneaday I cant sleepor think of anything else which is so unlike me. 

Right,  I'll give you a brief bit of info on me.. I am a 35 year old mother of 4 who 9 years ago had mild changes which i was just advised to have amother smear test 6 months later. This was fine and I then proceeded to have yearly smears, all of which have been fine. My last smear was 5 years ago (terrible I know) however 3 years ago after awful periods and hormones I was steriised and had womb ablation and while there I had a colposcopy and the surgeon had a good look and all was fine.

anyhow back to now!  So I knew it had been 3 years and thought I really must have this smear so on Wednesday I went along to my surgery greeted by lovely nurse gave me a kind ticking off and then explained what would happen. So we get started and she says "oh you are very red" to which I felt worried and asked if this was bad then?! She said "no it doesn't necessarily mean anything bad". I then said but what sometimes? She then replied "sometimes yes but not all the time, some people are red and sore looking but it doesn't always mean it's something harmful.  You are bleeding when I bruse the cervix, which can also be quite normal.. Do you bleed after sex?" I replied that sometimes but not all the times but that I'm very hormonal and sometimes it happens when I'm ovulating or nearing a period and that I've not felt worried about this. So all finished and she explained it would take 2 weeks to get the results and saod that if it was abnormal she would ring me herself to answer any questions I may have.  Anyway that was that but as you can imagine I've been worried sick ever since! I've googled it and read the after sex bleeding can be a bad sign although I'm still convinced mines not all the time and sue to hormones but can someone please give me an honest opinion Before I loose my mind!

many thanks 

rachael xx

I know it's easier said than done but try not to worry just try it might come back all normal. Our minds sometimes get carried away and we think worst case scenario. Try to distract yourself as much as you can reading watching TV as will make you feel better and time go quicker. 

I hope everything comes back ok for you. 

And try and be nice to yourself and take care xx

Hi Sarah,

Thank you so much for your reply.  I actually feel a bit silly and irrational for posting this but I kind of worked myself up into a mini panic attack last night!  I will take on board what you said and am definitely going to try and stay calm and keep myself busy.  As you said there may be nothing wrong at all and all this worry would be for nothing.  

once again, thanks for your response.  it has definitely calmed me down and made me think rationally!

Take care,

Rachael xx