Worried after leep

Hi all, just worried about how they’ve gone about testing me, I’m 33yo and have 3 boys, I went for a well overdue smear test Feb15, got results back 3 days later Hpv positive result and high grade ( severe) dyskaryosis, the letter stated I needed to ring the hospital for an appointment to get a colposcopy, what with one thing or another I didn’t ring up straight away but I didn’t need to as I had a letter through with an appointment a couple of days later. So I went for my colposcopy and had a Leep and biopsy there and then which was unexpected, I was sent home with no information, just told to await results , they were nice don’t get me wrong a little over nice and I’m just Thinking why has it been all done in a rushe, could they tell if my results could come back bad? Might be over thinking but any info would be a help ( good or bad )

As far as I know, it is normal for them to do biopsy and LEEP in one go if they have time and you are up for it. As the procedure is quick and can be done under LA, it saves time for them to make another appointment for you and it can be dealt with faster. I would not worry too much about it in terms of that they did it because you have something awful going on. Obviously you had a high grade HPV and those were the bad news which had to be dealt with and this is what they have done.

Thanks for the reply, still no results so still really stressed, xx