worried after colposcopy call-back

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I am hoping someone can reassure me or maybe share similar experiences. I had an abnormal smear results which were ambiguous both CIN1 and CIN3 showed in smear slides and tested positive for HPV. Consultant thought all healthy during colposcopy exam a few weeks ago. He did a punch biopsy to be certain there was nothing sinister. I got a letter saying biopsy was positive for abnormalities and I needed further treatment. Received second letter today with colposcopy appointment for 12 Sept. I rang the department to ask if they had any more information and confirm which treatment I would be having. The regular nurse is on leave, so the lovely lady on the phone said she would check her system as the treatment would be recorded in my notes. But… it just says “treatment” which she said is quite unusual as the notes usually say what will be done. She then went on to say I can call back on Monday and speak to the regular nurse. I asked was it a LLETZ and she said possibly as it is a call back.

But in the meantime my nerves are in overdrive :frowning: I am worrying that it is something worse and that is why it is not in my notes so the Doctor can tell me in person at the appointment. Am I being silly?? I am usually a very calm and logical person but my gut is in knots over all of this. Trying really hard not to focus on this but it is not easy.

Thanks for reading xo

I am 40 and all smears up to date with no abnormalities.