Worried after biopsies

Hi two weeks ago I had a colposcopy following an abnormal smear showing 'high grade dyskaryosis'. During the coloposcopy I watched on the screen, nothing was seen and she said I had a healthy looking cervix, then out of nowhere two white patches came up. She said it takes a while sometimes for anything to show after applying the solution but it worried me how she first said it was fine then ended up taking two biopsies and then said I will probably need surgery. 

It has been two weeks, she said it will take up to 6 to recieve the results but I can't focus on anything else. I wondered if anyone has been in the same situation and could offer any advice as what happened to them. 

I am only 25, it was my first smear and I'm petrified to what the outcome could be. First she said I was fine and didn't know why I received the letter, then minutes later was having two biopsies and being told I will almost certainly need surgery, it's all a bit too much to take in. 

Reading posts on here before the colposcopy really helped with knowing what to expect. The biopsies didn't hurt, was just like a pinch and the nurse chatted to me the whole time but if anyone has been in a similar situation I would be very greatful if you could share your experiences. 

Hi Poppy,

I just wanted to say that I know how you are feeling.    My result was severe abnormal too and had my biopsy last Monday and am worried what they will find.  Just remember that what ever it is will be treatable.  I found it helped to speak to some of my friends as most of them know someone that has been through this and they were fine

Hope everything is ok and keep us updated


Hi Poppy,

I just want to reassure you as I have just finished this whole process! I'm thinking that the doctor was a bit too quick to say everything is fine during your colposcopy - if your smear showed high grade dyskaryosis, then that means you definitely need treatment (there are obviously cases where smears can give "false positive" results i.e. when the results say there are abnormalities when in fact there are none - but this is rare!). Pretty much everything I have read has said that if you have moderate or high grade dysk, treatment is inevitable.

In my case I think I had 3 or 4 biopsies and my initial smear was only moderate dyskaryosis. On viewing my cervix at the colposcopy, the doctor said that she categorised my abnormalities as "high grade". The wait for results is usually 4 - 6 weeks and I have to say, out of the whole treatment process, this was the worst time. I experienced very high levels of anxiety, sleepless nights and really easily, breaking down into tears. I was just really worried about the biopsy showing up something worse. Having come on this forum a lot during that time, I can assure you that it is completely normal to feel like this! What I would say is that worrying yourself silly just like I did is pointless (though difficult to stop yourself from doing!) as it will not affect the results. Everything is out of your hands so it is best to try not to think about it (if you can - I know it's easier said than done!).

Also your doctor mentions "surgery" but this is most likely just going to be a LLETZ which is a really simple, quick procedure and you are treated as an outpatient. I was in and out in about 25 minutes and was able to run for the bus immediately after (this completely surprised my boyfriend, as he imagined he would have to virtually carry me home). I stressed out massively before the LLETZ, but I can honestly say, it was almost completely painless (just a little discomfort when the local anaesthetic was injected) but after that, I didn't feel a thing and couldn't believe it when the doctor said "all done" - it was so quick! I would recommend taking someone with you and booking at least the rest of the day off if you are at work/uni. Obviously everyone's experience and recovery is different, but I felt physically fine after the LLETZ, just a little delicate emotionally. Not too much bleeding after either. 

I have come out of the other side, and I am now all clear - so try to stay positive. In all likelihood, in 6 months time, you will be in the same position. Most people only need 1 treatment.

Let me know if you have any questions! I hope everything goes well for you xx

Thanks for your message, it sounds like we will recieve our biopsy results around the same time.  I have my fingers crossed for you that it comes back ok.  I finally told one of my friends and she rushed striaght round with flowers and chocolate, you were right, it did help!

Let me know when you get your results - we will get through whatever the outcome will be together! The waiting game is killing me. xx

Thank you so much for your message, it really helps to hear from someone that has been through it!  My nan had cervical cancer when she was 28 so it has hit my mum pretty hard knowing I have abnormal cells. It may sound strange but I do feel lucky that we have smear tests and that they can pick things up early nowadays. I have found coming on here to be a blessing, finally telling a friend has helped but it is not the same as hearing from people that have been through it.

After (and during!) my appointment I got the feeling my doctor wasn't very sure what was going on.  She said one thing and then another and it got my hopes up and then brought them back down again.  I came out of the hospital confused when I was hoping to have more of an idea to what was going on.  After reading up I think I will end up having LLETZ but it is the wait that is driving me crazy.  It's good to hear that I am not the only one that randomly bursts into tears with worry!

Just one question - I get very bad period pains, they seem to be getting worse sometimes to the point of walking funny as the pains go right down my legs and up my back.  I like to think I have a fairly high pain threshold (didn't feel anything really during the biospy) and just get on with it but I wondered if that is related at all to the abnormal smear, wondered if anyone has experienced the same? xx



When I was your age I had a colposcopy where initially they said it all looked healthy.. and then they put the liquid on and... arrrgghhh horrendous! In my case they thought it was CIN3 but after LLETZ it was found to be CIN2, so not quite as bad as they were thinking. It is a horrible and scary process, but you'll get through. I know at least 5 other women in "real life" who have had treatment for CIN and they've all been ok.



Hi girls, i have recieved my results and wanted to update you all as you have all been so helpful!  My biopsies showed I have a mild abnormality.  My smear however showed high grade dyskaryosis, the hospital have stated that they will be reviewing my case at a 'multidisciplinary meeting' with a consultant, pathologist and cytologist (smear test reader) to decide on future action.  There are huge differences in results between my smear test, colposcopy and biopsy so I guess they are not sure of what to do next!  Or to which is the 'right' reading, I am keeping positive and sticking with hoping it's the mild abnormality reading :)

Has anyone else been in a similar situation?  I hope everyone waiting for their results get good news xx