Worried about what nurse said at smear

Hi, I'm new here and would welcone any advice please as I'm feeling quite worried following a routine smear test yesterday.


I am 36 and have always had regular smear tests when due and received normal results so I wasn't expecting any different this time. But as soon as the nurse started doing the smear she asked if I'd had any treatment to my cervix (I haven't). She said it looked raw and then said there was a large growth of cells outside the cervix that (I think) would normally only be inside.


one finished she said she would check with my GP if I should be referred for a colopscopy.  I asked if the smear results would show up any problems and she agreed it should show up any cell changes. As I've not had any symptoms of pain or bleeding at all it's been left that I'll wait for the smear test results then take it from there. She said it although a large growth it was not uncommon and I shouldn't worry since i have no other symptoms.


Human nature to worry though and having gone over the conversation in my mind I'm now wondering if I should contact the nurse or GP and ask if they'd recommend I be referred before the test results since they will take 4-6 weeks.??  Even if the test results happen to come back normal I think I should be checked out as it doesn't sound too good.  Or should I just try to put it out of my mind and just wait for the results?!  I think I was a bit surprised and didn't fully take in everything the nurse was saying.

thanks for reading x

Hi there could your abnormal area be linked to a cervical erosion?



Hi, thanks for your quick reply :)

Yes! She did mention ectropion but I'd never heard the term before and didn't fully take on what she said- because she's talked about me being referred it seemed to be more serious than this article suggests. Thanks for posting the link, feel much relieved now xxx

Hi there

I am SURE it wil be cervial ectropian in your case but beware of being 'fobbed off'.  I had regular clear smears, went to the doctor for a tiny amount of bleeding and was diagnosed on visual inspection with a cervical ectroprian.  Fast forward 2 years and I was diagnosed with early stage cervical cancer.  I don't want to scare you because an ectropian is extememly common and causes no issues whatsoever.  However, given my time again and my new found knowledge, I would insist on it being investigated further and anything I can do to prevent the same happening to someone else is time well spent xxx