worried about upcoming treatment.

Hi ladies, i’m due to have loop treatment on 11th of september and am rather worried. I found the colposcopy i had really hard to deal with, by the end of it i just wanted the thing out of me, n i only just managed to hold it together till the end, when i started shaking really badly and became very tearfull and just wanted to get out of there, i was in such a mess i didn’t ask any of the questions i really should have and i was worried sick waiting on my biopsy results. I’m worried sick that this is gonna happen again when i have treatment. Any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks sharon.

Hi Sharon,


I went to my colposcopy alone expecting for it to be like a smear and also to return to work straight after – silly me! I didn’t have a great experience so prepared myself for the worst when my LLETZ was booked. Took my mum with me this time and booked the day off work. Didn’t even feel the anaesthetic go in and was quite calm throughout the rest of the procedure. Immediately afterwards I felt okay but started with strong period like pains for the rest of the day with heavyish bleeding so I slept a lot. The next day I was fine, no pain and light bleeding, even went to a party that night and returned to work on the Monday.


I’m not saying it will be the same experience for you but do try to keep calm. If you have any questions for the doc, write them down beforehand so you don’t forget – oh and take your own pads, the ones from the hospital are like nappies ;)  


Katy x

Hi Karen,

I echo what Katy has said really. I found the colposcopy quite nervewracking and painful as I was tense) but the LLETZ was a pleasant surprise for me. I didn't really feel the injections and the treatment itself (which I didn't feel at all) took a couple of minutes tops. are you taking someone with you for a bit of support?

If you have questions though, you could phone the colposcopy nurse before your appt and ask her then while you have a clear head? I've phoned mine several times over the last few months and she never seems to mind and always puts my mind at ease x

Thank you katy r and boop for your kind replies. Hopefully i won’t find it as distressing as the first time. Unfortunately i’ll have to go alone again since my sister will have to look after the kids and i don’t really have anyone else. I’ve realised since this started how alone i feel, n i didn’t even realise my 14 year old daughter knew about it because she’s been snooping on my computer, we’ve talked about it now though, i’ve tried to put her mind at rest about the whole thing. I’m hoping to see my GP before the 11th so hopefully he’ll be able to put my mind to rest and tell me exactly what my biopsy results came back as, since the letter just said abnormal same as smear. Thank you both and i wish you both well x

If you are going alone I would say don't drive as the injections can make your legs a bit shaky for a bit x