worried about the MRI results

Hi, I was diagnosed last week with having stage 1b cervical cancer, this staging was made by my doc from my biopsy results, today I had an MRI to confirm staging, but I am really worrried that the results are going to come back and say the cancer is a lot more advanced, has anyone else been giving the wrong staging diagnosis? X

Hi and sorry for your diagnosis! Staging should only be given AFTER all of the results of all the tests have been discussed by the MDT! It is a very anxious time, but it saves any added stress from giving you an inaccurate stage initially. My MRI suggested 2b, but an examination (not under anaesthetic) proved it to be a 1b and surgery was possible which made for a pleasant surprise! I am confident your results will be fine.

Much luck, h x

Hi Shauna,

Helen above is absolutely correct, technically staging should not occur until all test results have been discussed by the whole team. Having said that, the illustrations here


indicate that the stage 1s could be distinguishable from any of the higher stages with just a biopsy and a look. Though I would never contradict Helen because she is medically trained whereas I am not. Just hoping to reduce some of your anxiety :-)

Be lucky :-)


Thank you guys, i also thought that they shouldnt have made a diagnoses until all tests came back, guess i just have to wait a few days to know for sure :-( god all this waiting for results is the worst part...

Yes Shauna & they were better! 1b1 downgraded to 1A1. Fingers crossed for you xxx

Hi Shauna,

i don't know if this will make you feel a little more optimistic - well I hope it will.

i was diagnosed with cervical cancer on 22/5/15 after experiencing extreme symptoms. i went to hospital as a outpatient and ended up being admitted the same day after the gynaecologist found a suspicious lump and then could not stop me bleeding. I was rushed into theatre and they found a 10cm tumour growing on the outside of my cervix which was removed immediately. The oncologist/surgeon sent me for MRI and CT scans the following week. She prepared me for the worst as cervical cancer grows into the cervix and I had a large tumour on the outside of mine! I waited 4 long days for my results and prepared for the worst - it turns out my cancer has behaved unusually and what they removed was the worst of it. The MRI scan revealed no other significant growth.

good luck with your results!!x

Awe thank yous, it is definately reasuring, heres hoping im just worrying myself for nothing and hope you are all doing good ladies xx

Hi Shauna

I was initially diagnosed with 1b1 and the MRI confirmed that.  Wishing you lots of luck with your results and treatment.



Thank you all so much for your replies, i feel alot better now lol, i know all cases are different but it def has put my mind at ease xx

Mine was similar to KDE in that it was 5cm long on the outside lip and 1cm wide. They scared the crap out of me by saying it was highly abnormal! In fact the abnormal part was it was growing outwards (exophytic), and this was a good sign! Xxx

Thank you so much KDE and Helen you have both just succeeded in making me feel less like a freak :-)

I thought my treatment at 9 days was fast but yours, KDE, lightning!

Be lucky :-)


Well i got some good news that the MRI results have come back all clear, no spread to anywhere and is def stage 1 they said, god im still crying with happiness lol, i had myself convinced it would have spread, so at least its some good to come from all this, just waiting now to see where we go from here as regards the hysterectomy and chemo and radio therapy xx


So glad you haven't had to wait too long to hear your results and that they have put a smile on your face :-)

Be lucky :-)

only waited 5 days, but those 5 days were a lifetime.. I didn't think i would see the day i would smile cuz i have cancer, but jees the relief knowing it hasn't spread is unbelievable lol xx

Fab news so pleased for you xxx keep us posted to your treatment some fab tips here xxx

Will do sara, i know this site is great, i'd b lost without it xx