Worried about the look of cervix

Hi lovely ladies,

I’m hoping someone may have been inthe same situation as me right now as I’m sooo in the dark with everything.

So just over 2 weeks ago I went for my first smear (I’m 25) as not only was I 6 months over due, I began noticing changes, these were, LOTS of watery/yellow discharge - I was convinced I had an STI but all the results were clear. So started getting the odd pelvic pains to the point where I was just randomly getting period pains throughout the month. I began to spot this watery brown tinge discharge but not everyday. The penny dropped when I started bleeding during sex. So I went for my smear, the lady who done my smear did confirm she could SEE my cervix didn’t look right. She told me 2 weeks I’d get my results. The results came after 11 days, in the letter stated ‘HPV and high risk severe dyskarosis’ As you can imagine my heart dropped but also at the same time I was almost waiting for this.

I had an appointment that same week for a colonoscopy. I attended this, before the doctor even seen my cervix, she sat me down and explained due to the results of the smear and the high risk cells, would it be ok to perform a LLETZ procedure straight away before the biopsy results come back. I was took for words, but I put my trust in the ladies hands and agreed to it.

I went into the room to get ready for my procedure, the lady used the camera and asked id like to see my cervix. You could CLEARLY see a red patch, almost totally covering my cervix. The nurse began her procedure to which then she moved the screen so I couldn’t see more.

I am currently now worried sick waiting for my biopsy results.

Please can someone confirm if they could see their cervix during LLETZ procedure and if theirs looked the same and what their results were?

Sorry for the long message, I just really need some answers and help! Xxxxx

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Just wondered if you had your results yet. Sending positive thoughts to you x

Hi there, no not yet. 3 weeks tomorrow since my lletz/biopsy. Worried sick x

Hopefully it won’t be too long. I had a similar experience with my colposcopy. I was told beforehand that they would be expecting to find cells that needed to be removed. I could see my cervix on the screen although, they didn’t want me to look when they were removing the cells as they said some people find it difficult to watch. I’ve not heard back yet. Please let me know how you get on xx

Hiya! i’m in the exact same boat as you, except i was 24 for my first smear and it came back hpv+ and i needed a colposcopy and had silver nitrate put on. last year went for a smear exact same results, except this time cin2 and hpv+ again… lletz on the 28th december and still waiting the results!!
i’ve got the nhs app and i find that’s the fastest way to see your results as mine has slightly updated as a new health condition of the lletz treatment and cin2 but no test results as of yet!!

let me know if yours come soon and i’ll keep you posted if mine do xxx