Worried about symptoms


I have been reading about CIN3 after having a Lletz procedure in July 2014. In Decmber 2014 my follow up pap smear

came back as CIN3 again....I had my 2nd Lletz 2 weeks ago. Both times the lab results have came back with no clear


As I have had all of the symptoms of cervical cancer for more than 12 months now I am thinking that I want to go ahead

and have a hysterectomy ASAP. I have had 4 children and am now 43 years old so have no plan for more kids.

Any advice?


Hi. Unfortunately it can happen that cin comes back after treatment. I’m on my third treatment. Because a hysterectomy is a quite big operation and a lletz is supposed to be 95% effective, it makes sense to try the lletz first. What I dont understand from your post is why they havent called you back for more treatment since you had no clear margins? Can you contact them to find out or do you have a follow up appointment? Also in my case I was given a cone biopsy after the two lletz as the cone goes deeper into the cervix. It might be smth you could ask first?

I have a followup appointment in 4 weeks to discuss where to go from here.

Im concerned that I have all the symptoms of cervical cancer...everything I've read says there are really no symptoms of CIN3.

How stressful. I’d insist on the symptoms when you see them. Also depending on how much of your cervix they have already taken away, they might recommend a hysterectomy anyway. There are a couple of ladies who have had/ are about to have a hysterectomy following recurrent cin on here. Good luck.


I just thought id reply to your post , but everybody situation is different . i have had abnormal smears for the past 10 years and have had 3 Leetz was due to have a fourth one 2 weeks ago as my abnormalities were back again. I guess i have now had enough and as im now 51 and my children are grown up i asked about a hysterectomy which they agreed was the next stage for me. At the moment im waiting for a scan then they will decided on what hysterectomy i am having. As i said everybody case is deifferent but i feel this is best for me as every year waiting for a clear smear has taken its toll on me and the Leetz was not getting rid of the abnormalites. Hope this helps in some way .


Thanks for your advice.