Worried about symptoms

Evening ladies 

I need a bit of advise. I've been having period pains constantly throughout the month since Oct 19. My periods are heavier and I'm spotting at least 3 times a month. There's also a pain in the right side of my groin that comes and goes. When it comes it's bad. Stops me in my tracks and movement makes it worse. I haven't been able to have sex for months because of the pain it causes in the pit of my stomach. 
does this sound like any of the symptoms you lovely ladies have had before being diagnosed with Cc?

i have an appointment with my gp tomorrow. I'm so scared. 

thank you for reading my post

lisa xx


I didn't have any symptoms when diagnosed. What you describe could be so many different things. You could have fibroids, you could have an overarian cyst. A colleague of mine had similar symptoms and she had a benign polyp in her womb which they removed for her.  Try not to worry and don't google, any symptoms you put in will always tell you it's cancer but much more likely to be something else. Good luck with your appointment x