Worried about symptoms, on wait list for colposcopy

Hi s.holly I was told if you have symptoms not to wait to discuss these with the colposcopist but to see Your GP whilst waiting so they can make any necessary referrals. The colposcopists May use any information about symptoms to assess you with a whole picture but they aren’t the ones to treat you and would refer you on anyway. iv been the same as you and worried about symptoms but have had to listen to all the advice I’ve received and now passing to you that symptoms which could be for something sinister could also be easily explained for non sinister and easily resolvable issues. 

Speak to your GP and I hope you get some reassurance from that whilst you wait for your colposcopy appt. mine is this afternoon and i am anxious about it but also feeling like at least the day has come to get some answers and the ball rolling on treatment having recieved my screening results. 

Good luck xx