Worried about sex/pregnancy after Lletz treatment

Hi everyone,

I had lletz treatment back in October 2017, Results were CIN level 2. Although it’s now been 3 months since treatment I am scared to have sex with my partner incase I disturb the healing process and bleed/cause infection. It may be worth also noting I have cervical erosion, found many years ago. Am I wryly by over nothing? I’m not bleeding 

I just haven't felt the same since the treatment.... it’s really got me quite down. My periods haven’t felt the same and I worry about conceiving in the future constantly. My hormones seem all over the place and I don’t know if im causing it with the worry or it’s genuinely an issue from the lletz. My periods are generally lighter than before and take a good few days to start bleeding properly, at which point the bleeding isn’t as heavy as before, lasts a few days and then I have on and off light bleeding for another few days. I used to feel so in tune with my body but since the lletz Im so out of sync. I used to be able to feel my body ovulate but I can’t now. I feel the odd two he where I never used to and worry it’s a sign something isn’t right.

I have a daring son which I am so thankful for, but I would like to have one more child in the near future, I was hoping to try this year. Is this too soon after lletz? I am also worried about premature labour. I had my son at 34 weeks, so worry if I had another child that they would be born even earlier now I’ve had lletz.

Please Can people share both good and bad stories with pregnancy and sex after lletz?

Many thanks.

Natalie x



Hi Natalie, 

I'll write this as you are wanting good and bad stories about the LLETZ, though it's early days for you, so hopefully everything will get back to normal for you. 

I had the LLETZ 13 years ago. My body was never the same since. Sex became really painful, I had zero libido, and for ages my orgasms were practically non-existence. I rarely talked about this, because I just thought this was some freak reaction of my own body, after all LLETZ is supposed to be very safe and minor, as the doctors always make out. 

Anyway 13 years later I read an article online about a woman who had the exact same symptoms as me, even worse. It turns out that doctors are taught the cervix has no nerve endings, based on innacurate research from the 1960's. Meanwhile the medical community is ignoring more up to date research to show that there are really important nerves in the cervix, and women are basically suffering nerve damage. 

I found out all this from the woman I met online who travelled to the states looking for answers with a doctor whose researching LLETZ harm. 

So this may explain why you feel weird. A lot hasn't been researched about the cervix, and this doctor in the states is at the forefront of it all. 

Having said all that, and despite being really messed up by this procedure I conceived two months after trying. I have a lovely daughter, and life is better now. Being pregnant even helped some of my symptoms. 

I've got a support group on fb for anyone dealing with the LLETZ issues, if you search for 'Healing From LLETZ' you'll find it.