Worried about results

3 weeks ago i had a large loop excision (LLETZ) todsy i have had the results cin1 cin2 and cin3 with margin involvemnt was found! I understand the cin bit but am totally worried and have no idea what margin involvement means, im rather worried about this term does it mean cancer? Please help!

From what I understand it means that in the sections they removed there were no clear margins around the area of abnormal cells. If they remove a section in which the abnormal cells were entirely contained within a surrounding area of tissue that is free of abnormalities they say that you have clear margins. I don't think I'm explaining that very well - sorry- I know what I want to say but cant quite get it out! I'm sure another lady will come on here and be able to explain it much better for you than I have. 

It doesn't mean cancer though, CIN1/2/3 are not cancerous - they are pre-cancerous changes. 

If I was you, I would call the colposcopy nurse tomorrow to ask her/him to explain your results fully for you and explain what comes next. It might just be that its something that they keep an eye on during your check ups. It is confusing and their letters don't always help by being quite vague and expecting you to understand their terminology! 

Good luck xxx

Thank u :) i think i know what your sayin, when they removed the abnormal area the area around it still has abnormalities. Over thinking when i seen the letter lol! I panicked as im goin on holiday next week, ive rang the helpline and the lady reasured me that nothin dramatic can happen over a week! So im thinkin positively, and fingers crossed! Thanx for the reply x

That's good! Enjoy your holiday :) xxx