Worried about results & treatment!

Hi , I was wondering if anyone has been in the same situation as myself?! 


So after Putting off my smear test for over a year, I finally booked an appointment. My Nan had Cervical Cancer a few years ago and really pushed me to go. Thank god she did! 


The results came back with Severe dyskerisis (I’m not sure that is even how you spell it!) so I went to the hospital a few days after receiving my results for a colposcopy. The dr then performed LLETZ. I got sent home and was told I’d have results in the post in about 2-4 weeks.


i received a letter the other day, 2 weeks after my treatment stating that they found CIN 3 and my treatment would be discussed in their next MDT consultants meeting.


has anybody else had this and what sort of treatment are they planning? The meeting is on the 16th May and I actually go on holiday that day for over a week! I don’t know what to expect and it is such a long wait! 


After a lot of googling, I decided this would be the best place to ask! 


Thanks so much!


It‘s been 7 weeks today since my LLETZ and I was told the same ie they had got my results and the consultants were going to discuss treatment and management of it (whatever it is?) and I would hear soon, that was two weeks ago. I’m assuming it’s not cancer now as surely they would have let me know by now...  sorry you’re waiting & worrying too! 

Hi Holly,

sorry that you are going through this experience, I really found this blo helped me with any questions I had.

i had my first smear at 25 in January, results came back as boarderline so I was sent for a colposcopy where i had biopsies taken. The wait was agonising but I received a letter saying the cells were more advanced than they expected (initially thought CIN1 but it was CIN2) and this was sent over to the MDT meeting to discuss. I was invited for another appointment which was Monday, here I had the choice of watch and wait or lletz, I opted for the lletz. The nurse said I would hear back about the result of this within 4 weeks, so again more waiting. 

I wouldn’t worry about MDT meeting I’m sure they have these to ensure they are doing the right treatment for you, several opinions are always better than one. It’s hard not to worry but try to relax. If this experience has thought me anything it’s that I’ve spent the majority of my year stressing myself out about this. Whereas really we are in the best possible place right now.

hope this helps X

I was ok for 4 weeks after the LLETZ but then nearer results time it’s just on your mind and this afternoon they’ve finally said they’ve posted my results out. 7 weeks seems such a long wait and yes life just seems to go on hold for a bit until you know. I’m hoping it’s not another LLETZ or watch & wait and test again...repeat.  Soon I will know. Thanks for replying. :0)