Worried about recurring abnormal cells


I’ve just received the results of my 6 month follow-up smear test after having a cone biopsy.
Abnormal cells again.

Last winter a smear test discovered the presence of high grade abnormal cells and high rist HPV-strands. I went in for a colposcopy, but strangely the results were inconclusive. So I had to have a new smear test. The test came back te same as before. The doctor could bot explain why the biopsy gave a different result so he decided to continue with a cone biopsy.

The edges came back clean and I was good to go. A new appointment was made for a follow-up. This has now show a recurrence of the abnormal cells and I don’t know what to expect. Does this mean that it is worse? Will I need a second colposcopy and second cone biopsy? What are te consequences of a second cone biopsy?

I’m 27 and really want kids. Will this be more difficult now?
Any advice is very welcome!