Worried about passing on high risk HPV and partner getting cancer

Hi, I’m very new to this. Had recent colposcopy and biopsy showed CIN2. I have now had LLETZ procedure and hope results come back ok; I really hope that HPV will also disappear!!
5 years ago I separated from my husband. I have been with one partner since then. I have had only 3 sexual partners in my life. At 47, having finally come to terms with the ending of my marriage and all the associated traumas, I finally felt ready, after 5 years to thinks about a relationship again (it has not been high on my list of priorities). I go for a routine smear and they detect HPV and I therefore declared myself never to have a relationship again, at least until I clear the virus (if I can!) I am so sad that this is the case but I have heard so many times now, once I have recovered from colposcopy, to just forge ahead with a relationship and not even think about the HPV - to me this seems irresponsible. I obviously have high risk HPV and I would be so worried about passing this on to a partner and them potentially ending up with cancer, that I would have caused! Any advice would be very welcomed, thank you xx


There are a number of threads on here about HPV and relationships - please look at some of these, and the information pages on Jo’s trust. If your partner does not have a cervix they will not get cancer from HPV. There is a lot on the Trust about HPV and relationships. X


Hi harmony,

HPV is extremely common, it shouldn’t stop you for having a relationship. I remember when I was diagnosed with CC my partner had a chat with the GP regarding the vaccine etc and to get some information regarding HPV. The GP told him that it is assumed that all guys have it. If you feel better you can discuss it with you partner or to get the vaccine but it shouldn’t stop you for having a relationship!

Maria xxx

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Thank you so much Maria, it’s so nice to feel supported, esp when all this is so new to me. I am not in a relationship yet, but at some point I would like to be. I am not sure that vaccines are available for people my age, 48.
I have asked spoken to 3 GPs who seem to say just forge ahead as normal as HPV is so common, the nurse who did the colposcopy was of a similar opinion, but tell a partner if you want, but you’re under no obligation. Obviously with having CIN2 and Lletz now and not just HPV things are a little more complicated and more procedures may be necessary, so at some point this would need to be talked about I guess.
I think I had just resigned myself to waiting until all this is over, one way or another, and I am doing everything I can to rid this from my body.
Thank you for taking the time to reply, it really means a lot to me.

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