Worried about my wife...waiting...waiting...

Hello. After receiving an "abnormal pap" letter from her doctor's office a few weeks ago, my wife was brought in for a colposcopy. At that appointment the specialist also took a biopsy sample. That was 8 days ago. After the colpo/biop, the specialist told my wife to come back in in a month's time to "discuss the results." Of course the overwhelming odds are that her "abnormalities" are NOT cancer, but for some reason I'm VERY worried. I am naturally a worrying kind of person, and I LOATHE waiting games like this one. Every day I fear my wife is going to receive a call from her doc to come in -- i.e., a "cancer call." But it's been over a week now since the colpo...we're on day 8, and NO CALL.

My wife has no symptoms at all. No discharge, no bleeding, nothing like that. And the odds of c-cancer are apparently quite low, something like 1,450 cases of c-cancer every year in Canada, out of 4,000,000 paps and 325,000 abnormal paps.

Should I feel encouraged that 8 days have gone by without a call? If it were something serious, would she not have received a call from her doc within the first week? I know it's not always the case, but what does everyone think of this? Is my beloved probably going to be fine?


Hiya sorry to hear you & your wife are going through this I think

everyone on here will agree the waiting is the absolute worst,

firstly you're going to worry it doesn't matter what anyone says it's always going to be

a nagging doubt there, I had biopsies and my results took nearly three weeks to come through

then I had Lletz last week and I was told another four week wait at the most

you can always give them a call just to see if they have the results back I know a week after my actual biopsies were taking my 

consultant had the results and it was almost two weeks after that I finally got them. 



Yes, the waiting is the worst!  My LLETZ results had not turned up by the 4th week, that was a week ago today, so I called the hospital for them.  My thought was that if it was serious, they'd have gotten the results to me sooner...surely that's how it works?  So hopefully, no news is good news!  Think positive, keep busy.  Sending hugs.

The waiting is horrible. I don't know too much but what I do know that if the tumour was big enough to be seen by the naked eye it would of been seen at the colposcopy. I'm not sure how it works in Canade but many women here have been told there and then at the colposcopy that they have cancer, myself included. Therefore IF, and it's a very big IF the results come back as cancer then it will have been caught at a very early stage.