Worried about my girlfriend

Hello to everone,

First of all thank you for this magnific forum, is of great support.

My girlfriend and I recently moved to England we are from Spain. Our English is not so fluent, so I´m trying to clarify some things here with your help.

She had for her whole live Cervical Screening (smear tests) every year and she never had abnormal results.

3 weeks ago she had her first Cervical Screening here in U.K. and the results showed abnormal things, so he received a letter with an urgent

appointment for a Colposcopy this past Monday. There the doctor performed the Colposcopy and taked one biopsy. After that the doctor told us

that "unfortunatlly seemed that is Cancer": We where scared to death, not only because she never had any kind of anormalities but also

because we find strange that the doctor communicate this to us in that way without the results of the biopsy, she told us that the results

will be available in two weeks aprox. But we´re really worried because we thought that without the biopsy results seems unusual such a conclusive findings

but without knowing any kind of staging.

My question is: despite she was saying "unfortunatlly seemed that is Cancer" this may be a stage 0 or a CIN or CIS ? 

or if she said that, evidence that she thinks is more developed. Seems strange since her last cervical screening a year ago showed good results.

The doctor also told us that we´ll receive an appointment for a general screening after see with her the results of the biopsy in two weeks 

I don´t known if the doctor could have referred to this as cancer without the biopsy results or if you think we can still hope that it´s a matter of stage 0 or CIN or CIS

Thank you very very much for everything

Best wishes

Hi there

I'm so sorry you had to join here with this awful situation, I can see how this would make you so worried. First of all, you deserve huge praise for being so supportive of your girlfriend. Lots of men aren't.

I would agree that its very strange for a doctor to say the word cancer without having the results back, then making you wait 2 weeks to find out for sure. That's absolute torture!! And yes it seems strange to go from normal smear to cancer within one year.

I hope that they get the results back to you very soon so you can stop the awful wait. One thing I would say is that if it is indeed cancer, then it would not have grown very fast in one year, so hopefully will be very easily removed.

I'm so sorry again to you and your girlfriend. I hope you get your answers soon.

Thanks so much jjcarnage I found this forum of great support and source of  accurate information.

We are new in U.K. so we don´t have a lot of friends yet. I think maybe the doctor was referring as Cancer because my girlfriend and I don´t speak a very very fluent English, so she did that trying to keep us aware of the problem. I´m not sure. Anyway she is 37 and very very strong physically and psychologically so hopefully we´ll cope with this as better as we can.

Thanks again and I´ll keep you informed with the news just in case it helps to other people

Hola Diamat,

First of all what a wonderful man you are to find out as much

information as possible for your girlfriend.You sound strong

together and that will see you through.

I think you are correct in thinking the doctor said cancer because

you are not fluent as you say,although I think your your English is

very good.Maybe you could ask him to put things in writing,as I know

alot of English and Spanish words are the same with different pronounciations.

(I lived in Spain and found this useful for me with my limited Spanish)

I hope your girlfriend gets the results and treatment she needs as soon as poss.

Good luck to you both.

Take care


Hi Diamat

So sorry your girlfriend and you are going through this awful time when you have not long moved here, it must be so very difficult for you both.  I understand that in some cases the doctor can see that its cancer when the colposcopy is done but a biopsy would be needed to confirm this and will hopefully give an indication of the grade.  Your girlfriend will then most probably have a MRI scan to get more precise details.

Hopefully it will be at an early stage and can be treated successfully.  There are lots of ladies on this site that will help and give you advice as you progress through the appointments, please ask us any questions that you have.



Hello Diamat :-)

I know exactly what it is like to be told you have cancer when you are in a foreign country and are not confident that you are fluent enough in the local language to deal with what you are being told. All I can say is that your English is excellent! Well done. I hope you aren't finding England a miserable place after Spain. Like the others above, I hope that you don't have to wait very long for results so you know exactly what your girlfriend's situation is. The waiting is always the most frightening part.

Be lucky :-)


PS Becky, where haven't you lived? Were you a holiday rep or something??


First of all thank you everyone for your kind words. It´s of great help.

My English is better than her because I´m doing my M.A. here. I thought about the communication issue because mainly the doctor was talking to her

and not to me, and she was really worried and nervous, so her speaking was worse than usual...

This morning we where with her GP because of another thing and we where talking about this. He commented that indeed, despite the possibility of seeing cancer activity within the colposcopy, is impossible to have a conclusive diagnosis without having the biopsy results. As Cheryl D commented, the gynecologist told us that she´ll receive an appointment for a MRI scan.

Fingers crossed for a minor issue.

Thanks again for everything.

Best wishes