Worried about HPV? A little bit of info :)

Hi ladies - as you do, I have been researching a lot since having an abnormal smear and high risk HPV. Just this little bit of info (amongst 100s more) should reassure you all a little and I think this is based on pretty much facts.

Some feel that HPV remains in a carrier state for years; however, this is probably uncommon. There are over 70 types of HPV. This may be the reason some believe that long carrier states are common. What may be viewed as a carrier state may simply be subsequent infections by different HPV types over the years. There are over 300 rhinoviruses (cold viruses), yet no one considers a cold virus to be in a perpetual carrier state that “flares up” periodically.

There is very little cross-immunity between the different HPV types. This means that if one has immunity to one HPV type, that specific immunity is not necessarily good against another HPV type. For this reason it would be worthwhile to focus on immune support in the event of future exposure to a new HPV type.

I do believe this is the truth. Once your body has built immunity against a virus, including any virus, your body no longer has the virus and if it does, it's not live and probably never will be. I took comfort in reading this as I am with the same partner and we have absolutely no doubt that we will always be together :) so I'm not worried about contracting another HPV type. I'm just focusing on clearing the one I have, hoping for it never to return! 

I hope this has made some of you feel a little better :) have a wonderful Christmas xxx

Hi, As someone who’s had CIN for over 4 years, not had a new partner in that time, lives a healthy lifestyle, have tried all sorts to help my immune system, yet can’t get rid of the HPV and have just had a second treatment, I find your post an insult!! About 95-98% of women are able to rid themselves of CIN or the virus, but please spare a thought for the 2-5% of us who try EVERYTHING yet still the CIN persists!

At no point did I say you can get rid of the virus. I just copied some info that I had found about it being gone once it's gone and not returning unless its a different type to the one you already have. I did not mean it as an insult. It was just a bit of useful info for ladies that are worrying about having it for the rest of their life. I am sorry if I caused you any offence, that was not my intention at all.

Twilight12 - I find that some ladies come across as a little insensitive, maybe their experiences or diagnosis have not been as  devastating as others.  (take a look at my history!)  I've seen comments on here about stage 4 and haven't liked them one bit and have let them know how I feel about it too.  I'm sure no-one means to be flippant, but just a bit more consideration before they put 'pen to paper'  would be advisable...........

I have to agree with the other ladies i have an immune disorder where my body doesn't make antibodies or recognise viruses/bacterial infections... Vaccines etc don't work on me. After changes/treatment i am now requiring close supervision for the rest of my life. I ow need 6monthly colposcopy instead of smears coz i have little chance of ever getting shut of this and its causing problems! Im on permanent antibiotics everyday of my life to keep me out of hospital as i get infections like pneumonia but as this is a virus it doesn't work on hpv. And im married n have been with my husband for 8yrs so not from contracting different strains.

I'm sorry ladies. I totally understand how you must be feeling, but you also have to take into account other ladies that are worrying about HPV and this was just a little bit of info that I had found and hoped it would put 'some' not all, ladies minds at rest a little. If I can help ease their minds then I will try my best. I by no means meant to offend anyone and it certainly was not an insult. Unfortunately some ladies will not be able to get rid of the virus, but some will. It's the same with any illness. I was just hoping to ease some girls minds who don't know much about HPV. It's very unfortunate that you cannot clear the virus, but please don't discriminate me. I hope you all have a lovely Christmas x

Thanks for your support Bogeywomen. I'm sorry to see what you've been through and only begin to imagine. I hope you're doing ok and that you've found support here as well as the odd insensitive posting. 

I agree, I don't think people to mean to offend, and ususally when I see things I ignore or stay away from the forums, but I feel it should be a place where people can come for support. I hope you've had that too. Take care xx





Dani, forgive me but I have to disagree when you say you 'totally understand' how we're feeling. If you truly did you wouldn't keep saying the things you're writing. Thanks for the extra kick in the teeth to remind us that 'some' ladies won't get rid for the virus.... As if we need reminding of that painful fact ....

I don't think anyone is discrimating against you Dani, just maybe suggesting there is a lack of sensitivitiy in how you say things. Of course it's helpful to encourage people (I've posted plenty of times trying to be supportive to others) but also important to remember there are ladies with all sorts of experience on here, including those who go on to be diagnosed with CC.

As for HPV, there is so much that still isn't known and unforuntately I don't think anyone can say anything for certain. For example, a friend had treatment for CIN 3 and then had clear results for 10 years before having CIN 3 again. She's been married all that time, neither she nor her husband has been unfaithful, so it can only be the same strains of HPV virus lying dormant in in her body and then somehow starting to mess with the cell DNA again. She's had clear smears for the last 2 years but who knows whether in another few years it will recur? The most important thing is for ladies to keep going for their smears or follow up appointments, to take care of themselves, to know their own bodies and when something isn't right.

I wish everyone all the best for 2014.

Hi September, 

I'm so sorry to hear what you're going through. Life must be very difficult for you and I really feel for you, especially having to having regular checks. I know how that feels. The positive thing at least is that colposcopy is more accurate than a smear, but it's still awful to have to go through it every 6 months. If you ever feel it would help to chat please feel free to PM me. Hope you're doing ok, take care xx

Hi twighlight thanks for your support. I hope u had a lovely Christmas (and everyone else). Notice from your signature your waiting for results. The waiting is rubbish isn't it. I hope ur results will be ok. X Im not due my next colposcopy until May now, and your right about it being more accurate than smear... Just not very dignified. The things us women go through. Take care x

Hi September, 

Thanks for your message. Hope you're doing ok. Yes the waiting is hard, one of the worst parts I think. I'm not expecting any results for a while due to Christmas/New Year, will be good to get them. I know what you mean about colposcopy, there's no dignity at all, however nice the staff are (and they always have been). I always think it should get easier each time but somehow it never gets any easier, just that you know the drill for it (if you know what I mean!). Take care xx

Hi twilight. I will be thinking of you at new year - wishing you good news. I have been fory blood tests n chest xrays today (obviously not related to this) I take great comfort from the strong women on here (like yourself) and im sure in May i will be going through the dreaded results nerves again. And staff at colposcopy are amazing. Results and colposcopy time is the time this site comes into its own. Anyway i wish everyone on here a happy (better?) 2014 Xx

Hi Septmeber. Thanks for your good wishes. Hope you got on ok at the hospital for your other tests? Hope you're able to try to put your May appointment out of your mind. My follow up will be in June (I think) but once I've got my resutlts I'll be trying not to think about it. Wishing you (and everyone) a peaceful and healthy 2014. Take care xx