Worried about finances & bills now I have Cervical Cancer



I work two jobs and there is only me to pay my way, I am so stressed about this because I have a house to pay, car and numerous other bills.  I have been told I will get financial help but I am worried it won't be enough to cover what I have to pay out.  There is hardly any info online about what people with cervical cancer are entitled to and people with breast cancer get payments from Pretty in Pink etc but what is there for us?? Where is our help? I am so stressed at an already stressful time and I feel like I am getting no help whatsoever here.  I feel like I am in complete limbo! Macmillan said they would refer me on for financial help but I have heard absolutely nothing re this!

Contact macmillan again. I contacted the benefits people and tax credits myself. Also, depending on your treatment,  you may be entitled to PIP. 

Also, if you have a mortgage,  contact the mortgage company,  if you rent, contact housing benefit.

Hi Philleepa,


Thanks. I will do that. I have emailed Jo's here and also macmillan CAB with my concerns so will see what they come back with.

You can complete a form with your GP to obtain an exemption from Prescription charges, which may help a little.

Hi when i was diagnosed my social worker applied for a macmillian grant which i got within 4 weeks of applying. It was £400 which was a great help. Does your hospital have a social worker you can get to apply on your behalf that may be the quickest option.