Worried about diagnosis

Hello again :weary:

So I’m having a major wobble today and need some reassurance.

Iv been trying to be positive about being staged at 1b1 had my mri and ct scan yesterday and really managed to ground myself and feel good that not much would show on these scans… Then I got a letter today outlining what was said last week when they told me about my diagnosis and on the letter is says I have lvsi which I didn’t realise? and now Iv completely lost it, I feel its just one kick in the teeth after another which just makes me feel like things are going to continue getting worse :cry: really got myself into a state today and struggling to get past it now. Any help would be appreciated xxx

Hi Eliza

Sorry you’re having a bad day. Early 2017 my diagnosis included LVSI; I’m still here - NED so far.


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