Worried about continuing to use contraceptive pill.

Hello beautiful ladies,

Something has been weighing on my mind these past few days and perhaps you could help me feel a little at ease.

After my colposcopy, even though my abnormalities weren’t as bad as they thought, I was booked in for an operation to remove the abnormal cells under general anaesthetic. I am no worried about this as I was informed this type of operation proves 95% successful. However, these past few days, I have been thinking whether I’m doing my cervix any harm by taking the contraceptive pill. I started taking the pill April of last year, as I was very late on the sex bandwagon and didn’t want to take any risks with my new boyfriend (however, like a fool, I didn’t use condoms for most of the relationship). Even though we broke up months ago, I am continuing to take the pill because it makes my periods a lot less painful and it’s so much easier to plan things around my sodding period. I even took two packets back-to-back so that I didn’t come on on the day of my colposcopy.

Anyway, my concern is, I am now a week into a packet, and have my operation on Tuesday, and I have no idea what to do regarding if I should carry on taking it or stop because it could decrease the effects of me being abnormal-cell free? I hope this all makes sense. Thank you for listening. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Much love,
F xxx

Hi Freda!

i think that all of us on here have these little worries about things. i don't have any medical expertise but I can't see the pill making things worse for you. However, if it would put your mind at rest I would call the clinic on Monday and have a word with them about your concerns. What pill is it that you are taking? Good luck for Tuesday.

Emma x x

Hey, I was concerned about taking the pill after I had my abnormal cells removed too as I have read that there is evidence that it can increase the risk of cervical cancer. I have however asked nurses about it and they have said that the risk is very mall and there is actually very little evidence to suggest it contributes to the risk of abnormal cells becoming cancerous, so I wouldn't worry about it. Xx

That is why I will never take the pill again. I took the pill for over 3 years and stopped a year ago. Now all of the sudden I got high grade dysplasia. I know govermnent wants us to take pills but I do not want to mess with my hormones. I know science well and I still do not trust the pill, in my case it most likely helped the abnormal cells to develop.