worried about colposcopy

hi I am 23 and have had abnormal bleeding followed by pain and bleeding after sex. This has been going on for over 4yeatss now and after every test, scan and swab the doctor still refused me a smear so I payed for a private one. OT came back I had high grade dyskaeiosis and high risk hpv*** (don't know why they put 3 stars next to it but that's how it came on the letter. I am now waiting for a colposcopy and I had my hpv vaccine so I must have contracted the hpv before that and had it for around ten years now.i was young and stupid. I'm so worried as this has been going on so long and I scared that the colposcopy doctor wont take a biopsy and just say its all ok from looking at it. Has anyone been in this situation please and they have taken a biopsy and it all been ok ? I'm so scared I'm in constant pain everyday it feels like I am being stabbed in the cervix and nbad lower back pain like labour sometimes I can hardly move. I am a mother to a 1 year. Old and I'm just so scared and don't have anyone else to ask I don't see my mum so don't have a femal mother figure in my life to speak to about my worries I'm glad I found this page x sorry about spelling mistakes my phone wont let me correct them

Hi there

I don't think it's very likely that the colposcopy doctor will send you away after just looking at it, don't worry! They might not do a biopsy if the smear came back as high grade and htat is consistent with what he can see when he looks at it. If his examination shows high grade changes, depending on where you are and how they do things, they may justĀ  treat you on the day.

We all worry about this so don't feel you're being silly. You'll find lots of folks on here who have been where you are now, so will always be able to get good advice :-)

Don't worry! If you read up about the LLETZ procedure, you will see that this is done quite regularly at a colposcopy because they won't take a risk by leaving cells that are dodgy looking. The colposcopy puts a camera on your cervix and you (and the doctor) will see very clearly that there is something amiss. I don't think you need to worry about them missing something.

Good luck and keep using this site!

Please don't worry it is very unlikely to be cancer.

I was in the same boat 6-7 months ago had that terrifying letter. The changes can takeyears

And years to change to cancer, and they don't always! The hpv vaccine

Actually only had a 70% immunity ten years ago so it's likey you could

Of picked the virus up later in life. (I'm a public health nurse and give hpv


When you have the colopscopy they will likely take a biopsy to confirmĀ 

Cin3 and remove all the bad cells, then you have a repeat one in

6 months time to ensure they're all gone.

Hooe this helps x

ok thanks everyone the colposcopy leaflet wasn't very thourough and as far as I aware no one in my family has every suffered from any type of cancer which is good so will they remove the abnormal cells on the day ? I just want it gone and not have to worry about it again x

Every hospital is different but yes they normally remove it all at the same time.

They take the biopsy them remove the bad cells, you receive the results a few

Weeks later and have a follow up smear or colopscopy to ensure it was

As successful as they'd like.