Worried about appointment wont tell me over the phone

hiya just wanted abit of support, had a colposcopy about 5 weeks ago due to abnormal bleeding and a "abnormal" looking cervix, had a smear (im 23) and biopsy done and was told I would be notified by post of results... Fast forward to today a message on my answerphone from the hospital wanting me to call them and make another appointment and no results given... Help!! Worrying that it's something serious would they just do that if I had c? Need some advice x

Hi. They rang me after treatment to call me back into hospital. You may need further treatment so try not to think the worst. They called me back the same day they rang to tell me I had cancer but luckily I've had my treatment and feel well. Take care And let us know how you get on xx

Did they tell you that over the phone? It's worrying me that they want to see me face to face again 

Hi Firstly big hugs I know it's easier said than done but try not to worry yourself too much as meeting could be a number of things. It could be they have unclear margins or it could be they found a tiny bit of cancer and it's been removed but they want to do another lletz to be certain. Do try to keep yourself busy until your meeting. You have come to the right place, it is a great site and fill of amazing women who give advice. So keep your chin up and please let us know how you get on xxxx

Thanks so much, got my appointment next Thursday so probably going to be on edge until then! 

Hi Ruby,

Do try not to worry yourself unduly, it seems that different clinics have different policies and some call everyone back for a face-to-face appointment just so that it's not so obvious if they were to call back only those needing further treatment.

Be lucky :-)

God I do hope so, been given the run around by so many doctors over the past year I just want to know what the hell is going on with my body! Although if it is cancer I'm going to absolutely destroy my gp as she examined me and told me " you definately don't have cancer, your too young" totally lost My faith in normal doctors now!


They didn't tell me over the phone but they called me back the same day. Hope it goes well. Thinking of you xx

Hi Ruby :-)

Try not to lose faith in all normal doctors eh! Your GP sounds like a total idiot and I suggest you get a different one.

Be Lucky :-)

hope all goes well hunni ,thinking of you ,let us know how it goes xx