Worried about abnormal bleeding...


Not sure if I'm just getting worried over nothing, but here goes...

Last night after sex I started cramping and bleeding, but it then disappeared. This has never really happened before - although I have cervical erosion and I sometimes have a bit of bloody discharge after sex, it usually clears up pretty quickly.

When I woke up this morning I had full-on cramps and I've been bleeding non-stop all day. It's like a period with cramps and a heavy feeling in the legs, but the blood is bright red and not like a normal period for me. My period is due in 9 days and this is the second bleed I've had this month - my period was 5 days early at the beginning of the month.

I went to see the doctor, who was very reassuring and told me to monitor the situation and book in for a smear test, which I'm due for.

At my last smear three years ago, I was attended to by a nurse who was training, who visibly freaked out when she saw my cervix and asked her supervisor to come in. She also seemed surprised and asked what pill I was taking and whether I'd had any kids... I wasn't taking the Pill at the time and haven't had and children. She didn't exactly allay my fears, but the smear came back clear, so I guess it was OK??

I'm just really worried that something was missed last time round and I have something to worried about. Has anyone had a similar experience?

Thanks for your help!







Hope your ok ? Try not to stress to much which I know is soooo hard :( best thing to do is keep a diary and have the smear test then if your still not happy go to see a gyno ASAP! I've been abnormally bleeding since febuary with pain in pelvis area , discharge and I finally get to see a gyno tomorrow :) very nervous but want and need answers now. Good luck and go with your gut and don't take no for an answer if they say no to gyno ( which I'm sure they won't ) 



Thanks, I'm quite calm and just trying to stay that way. This is the first time it's happened and it could be anything, so I'm just going to monitor it. 

I was wondering, though, what kind of bleeding people have - is it a heavy, regular flow, or spotting?

I hope you're OK and got some answers from the gyno!